Yogurt is Great … But Activia is Bogus … Don’t Buy It!

Yogurt is Great … But Activia is Bogus … Don’t Buy It!

When you watch the seductive ads on TV touting all the benefits of Activia, beware! Since so many people have digestive problems, often from taking antibiotics, Dannon picked up on this and decided it was a good hook to make more money. They created a bogus word “Bifidus Regularis”which is not an actual probiotic. Then they show a diagram with an ACTOR, who is not a doctor, pointing to the diagram as if what he’s saying is a scientific fact. I checked the ingredients on the label of this so-called “miracle digestive aid.”

I invite you to follow my lead and check out the label for yourself. You’ll find that it isn’t even a legitimate yogurt. Real yogurt has only two ingredients… milk and probiotics. You can choose any amount of fat (I like full fat, and always from an organic source). The best companies with the most integrity don’t have millions of dollars to advertise on TV! One more important fact: ┬áThe milk used in all Dannon’s yogurt products are NOT ORGANIC! That means the cows aren’t free of antibiotics, hormones, etc. This is an insult to all of us who are eager to live healthy lives. Make an adventure of reading labels carefully. It’s really an education in how many companies pull the wool (or polyester!) over our eyes.

There are still plenty of healthy and DELICIOUS products out there, produced by companies like Arrowhead Mills, Ben’s, Shiloh Farms, Fage. It’s up to you to avoid the lies, and support the good guys!



  1. Holistically Hattie

    Earline. I believe the best way to get probiotic supplementation is with pills/capsules. PB8 is excellent, and Primal Defense is superb (I use it). Does Swanson ship to your country? They sell name brands at a discount.
    Also, when purchasing yogurt, buy one that only has milk and probiotics as ingredients. I don’t recommend reduced or fat-free, as when products are altered in this way, they generally add stuff to compensate for what they’ve removed.
    Hope this is helpful. You might also consider using digestive enzymes with your meals.

  2. Joshua Plant- Planting Wisdom

    For the sake of full disclosure and facts, DN 173 010 or Bifidus Regularis is the trade marked strain of Bifidobacterium animalis a Gram-positive anaerobic rod-shaped bacterium, which can be found in the large intestines of most mammals, including humans.
    Also, Fage is not an organic import.

    • Holistically Hattie

      Thanks for clarification… I got the info on Bifidus Regularis from Dr. Mercola’s site.
      I don’t know whether Fage’s sources are Organic (no hormones or antibiotics and vegetarian diets fed to cows). However I cited them because their yogurt doesn’t contain fillers, gums, gelatin, thickeners, fructose, corn syrup, and other unhealthy elements that almost all well-known, supermarket sold yogurts contain. I hope your comments add to mine to help people make more informed choices.

  3. Kay Van Hoesen

    Wow, Earline. Now you know you can save yourself a bunch of money and have better health, too.

  4. Earline Parsons

    I am so grateful for this advice, I have a digestive problem and have gone way over my budget to purchase activia. In my country a 4 pack sells for about $36.00 which is roughly $7.00 USD.


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