Author: Alasha Bennett

Once Mine, Always Mine!

Alasha, My daughter’s mother has an issue with my new lady friend. We do not have set custody and lately any time I want my daughter to spend the night at my home her mom thinks of a reason why my daughter can’t. My daughter and I are very close and it breaks my heart when she wants to spend the night but is not allowed. I understand that my ex may be upset because I live with someone new but that should not have any bearings on my relationship with my daughter. I try to keep the peace...

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Giving Sound Advice? Your Friendship May Depend On It

Alasha, My best friend and her fiancé have been together for a few years now and they are finally ready to tie the knot. She wants a big wedding but he would rather buy a house. Being married to my husband for almost a decade now I tried to sit her down and persuade her to yield to what her husband is trying to build for them and to consider what a lavish one day event would mean versus the security of a home. She thinks I am taking her fiancés side and we have been at odds ever...

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Dating a Woman with Kids, the Binding Truth

Alasha, I have been seeing a lady who has a child that is fairly young. I don’t have children of my own and am not sure if I ever want any. I think kids are a gift but I love my freedom to get up and go. She’s a real cool lady and I enjoy the time I spend with just her. I have not met her son but she talks about him a lot. I really like her but I’m not sure if I’m ready to be a step-parent. I want to continue seeing just her for now,...

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Shielding Loved Ones from Pain, a Sister’s Plea

Alasha, I’m worried about my youngest brother; he is marrying the wrong girl! He is so blinded by love he can’t see what the rest of us siblings see. He and his girlfriend have been dating on and off for three years. She is a sneaky, conniving and a back stabber. She is very flirtatious with other men and has been caught having lunch dates with men that are not my brother. Besides that, if it’s not enough, she is not loving or nurturing towards my brother. She is very cold and treats him like he couldn’t do any...

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Bored With the Same Romance

Alasha, My boyfriend and I have been dating for six months. The first half of our relationship we barely saw the inside of each other’s apartments, lately that’s all we see. I work a nine to five and his hours vary. When he is off he likes to sit around the house and watch television, on the weekends when I am off I like to travel. I enjoy watching movies and popular shows as much as the next person but I like to mingle with others as well. We don’t have any children and we are financially comfortable. How...

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Please…Make Me An Honest Woman

Alasha, I’ve been in a relationship for two years with a married man I met at my office. After separating from his wife we began a relationship and he moved in with me. I have met his wife once and she doesn’t show any interest toward wanting to rekindle any old flames. I figure this is true because he is always complaining how she never calls concerning their six year old daughters well being. He does not see his daughter often stating the mom is rather difficult to deal with.  I have asked him about moving forward with the...

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