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Current News – Alleged Allegations

Current News – Alleged Allegations I saw a brief segment (current news) on CNN last evening and I’m now wondering if the news about Bill Cosby is true.  I had heard a report a week ago about a woman who had made a statement about abuse occurring many years ago, but to have so many women step forward blows my mind.  My understanding is they are stepping forward in support of a woman who has a pending case regarding sexual assault allegations and they intend to offer testimony about their experiences with Mr. Cosby, if asked. Do you believe...

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Torn: Two Choices

Torn: Two Choices Have you ever felt this way?  Torn between two choices or perhaps two life paths. One year, 11 months ago I shared a life-changing secret here at “Here Women Talk” about my story of abuse.  I am prevented from talking about it publicly because I signed a “secrecy” document, so I can’t tell my real name or let the world know who I am. I felt a twinge of guilt and fear for a couple reasons after having shared some of my story.  Primarily because of my signature on that “secrecy” document and also because I...

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Child Sexual Abuse Survivor Speaks Out on Sandusky Verdict

My thoughts after hearing a verdict had been reached in the Sandusky sex abuse trial were all over the place for many reasons. I wanted to shout to the world, “Stop, listen and hear what has happened.” I literally wanted every household in America to stop what they were doing and pay attention to a TV News report, more than any other in history. When the verdict was reported I was sad and happy. I felt pain for the victims, who like me, had somehow managed to survive and find courage to testify in a court of law. My...

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Changing Tide – Secrets Revealed

This weekend, after many long years, I will share my secret journey of having left home at the age of 13 to where I am today with a member of my immediate biological family who happens to be in the medical profession. Why? To finally answer their questions which range from why are you not now married to why are you not working where you once did. “That” legal agreement I signed allows me to do so. I kinda think tonight’s moon may have something to do with it, too. Not only that, but I think my new found...

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Forgiveness? (Survivor asks, why forgive?)

I recently read a post here regarding forgiveness of those who have abused you.   I’m still scratching my head two weeks later. There are some things in life I can forgive, like the person who accidentally killed my first puppy (I’ve not had another since) or the person who ran into my vehicle and caused $3,000 worth of damage, or the newspaper delivery person for not placing my paper in the newspaper box where it belongs at 5 a.m. on the weekends. How can forgiving someone who abused you for years help erase any lingering memories?  How can forgiving them help undo...

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Through the years my faith in God has been tested, as I am sure it has for all of us. As we come upon the Thanksgiving holiday, I am thankful for the maternal grandmother I had who took me to church every Sunday when I was younger.  She taught me how to plant flowers.  She died when I was 7 years of age but her memory and the early values she instilled in me have always been in my heart.  For the gift she gave, I am eternally grateful. That gift carried me through some of the most trying...

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