Author: Bobbie Horowitz

Bad News Doesn’t Have To Make Me Feel Bad!

Bad News Doesn’t Have To Make Me Feel Bad! I’m going to start this final post for 2013 with the exact same sentence I used to begin last month’s post: “Wow!  I keep discovering new things.” As a kid in Brooklyn I was taught by watching the adults around me.  It seemed to me that it was right to get very sad and low when we heard someone was ill or had a love or business mishap. We were taught to get angry if a governor made a decision that our parents or our friends’ parents thought went against...

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Are Your Actions Working to Help You Succeed?

Are Your Actions Working to Help You Succeed? Wow!  I keep discovering new things.  When I was a kid I thought people over the age of 65 knew who they were “period end of sentence” (as a friend of mine would say).  How wrong I was!  Parents often tell kids, “Listen to Grandma! She’s older and she’s lived. She knows what to do!” I now know that although Grandma may have known how to do many, many, many things – she may not have had the best answer for every decision five year old Me needed to make. She...

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Let Your Star Shine! You ARE a Star

Let Your Star Shine! You ARE a Star It’s my turn to provide the spiritual reading at The Unity Center of New York.  We have a wonderful minister -i Justin Epstein – who moved to us from I’m given only a bit over 2 minutes. In doing the research, however, I found dozens of quotes giving you reasons to SAY YES TO YOU! I’ll give you just a few. Some of them made my eyes tear immediately.  This column may have fewer words than usual – but you have a lot of thinking to do. Let’s begin: We don’t...

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Use Physical Practices That Help Your Mind!

Use Physical Practices That Help Your Mind! When I was young we were taught that exercise was good for us and relaxed us because concentrating on the dance step – or getting the basket ball into the basket – or putting the golf ball into the hole – or winning the rowing competition took our minds off thinking about our cares of the day and taught us “Sportsmanship”. In Brooklyn in the 1940s we didn’t really think of the physical activity as being used for spiritual growth. Yes, we thought we’d learn about sportsmanship and dealing fairly with others;...

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Say YES To YOU-Allow Yourself Special Online Chat Minutes

Allow Yourself Special Online Chat Minutes I’ve mentioned that answering emails in the morning has been found to take up precious needed time from who tend to nurture others before nurturing themselves. That said, there are moments online that can really add to your life. We didn’t have any knowledge of cyberspace when I was growing up. We didn’t even have phones with answering machines. You had to be home when the call came in to know a call came in.  Allow yourself chat minutes! How blessed we are now to be able to communicate with people we know...

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You Can CHOOSE To Be HAPPY ANY TIME! This is very similar to last month’s post about accentuating the positive (Johnny Mercer)- it just goes even further because, I’ve made progress in this area. When I mention seeing “good” in my life right now, I realize I’ve made up what “good” is. Now I’m working on defining what happy is not based on what I’ve been taught. My eyes are opening to the truth that Happy just is. I (you) can be happy anywhere at any time. It’s my (your) choice. To make the record clear: I have no...

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