Author: Carol Baker

I Would Rather Die on My Feet Than Live on My Knees

I Would Rather Die on My Feet Than Live on My Knees “I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.” Those were the words of Gorges Wolinski, famed cartoonist of the Paris publication, Charlie Hebdo. Wolinski was among the 12 dead at the Paris publication on January 7, 2015 at the hands of extremists, determined to send a message to anyone daring to challenge their ideology. And challenging the ideology of others was a mainstay at the Paris weekly. Charlie Hebdo was no stranger to controversy or violence. Unmoved by those who would seek to...

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Separating The Wheat From the Chaff

Separating The Wheat From the Chaff The origins of the phrase, ‘separating the wheat from the chaff’ are Biblical, but the practice lies deep in my Midwestern farming roots. As farmers would thresh the wheat across the rolling farmland, they had to separate the actual grains from the stalks, hulls and spikelets, thus saving the valuable wheat grains and discarding the rest. The ‘rest’ was referred to as chaff, the worthless part of the harvest. Participating in social media as of late has resulted in the resurrection of my Midwestern farming skills as I have once again mastered the...

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The Opinionated Bitch – One Vote

The Opinionated Bitch – One Vote Like most citizens, I’ve suffered through the endless political attack ads assaulting the airwaves and my senses. The money spent on those ads has done nothing to sway my opinion on a single race or a single issue but then, those ads aren’t for me. Those ads are for the low information voters out there and sadly, we have far too many of those. I’m not a low information voter. In 35 years I’ve never missed a chance to vote in an election, be it a municipal, state or national election – because...

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Doctor, I Think I Have Tennis Ebola

Doctor, I Think I Have Tennis Ebola Okay, I’ve resorted to dark humor to get your attention. It’s time for me to sit you down and have the ‘Ebola Talk’.  Now that a man lied on travel papers to get into the United States after having been exposed to the virus, the universal fear mongering has begun and my head is about to ‘splode. First, let’s talk about what Ebola actually is: Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever is a disease caused by infection of one of the five known Ebola strains. It is rare and it is deadly and while it...

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Especially When it Rains

Especially When it Rains Today a mother buried her teenage son in suburban St. Louis – after three autopsies, a city rocked with anger and protests and a country faced with its own deeply divided past and present. She has waited for 16 long and agonizing days to give her son a decent burial and to give some finality to this chapter in what will be a long and painful road to the unknown. Michael Brown’s mother has asked the people of her community to suspend all protests on the day she buries her son. If I had to...

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From Mississippi Burning to Missouri Burning

From Mississippi Burning to Missouri Burning Author’s note: This story is breaking from minute to minute. What I started out to write is turning into something completely different. I apologize if this seems somewhat rambling. It was just four short months ago that Americans had the distinct privilege of witnessing the showdown in Nevada between the Bureau of Land Management and Cliven Bundy. After more than two decades of the Feds having Bundy thumb his nose at the Government, they moved in to do what they had long promised: Seize his cattle and move him off lands to which...

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