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And That, My Friend, Is Why We Wear Belgian Shoes Hildamae, my somewhat uppity mother, upon whose knee I learned to also be somewhat uppity, had a few mantras that have stayed with me all the days of my life. “A LADY NEVER WEARS PRINTS TO THE CITY”. “GIN SHOULD BE STIRRED, NEVER SHAKEN, AND NEVER BEFORE NOON”. “A PERSON’S SHOES TELLS THE TRUE STORY”. and at the age of 12, when I came on my very first outing to New York City with Hildamae, we stayed at the Saint Regis Hotel. I had vichyssoise for the first time....

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The Colin Lively Show ~ The Final Scene – Sheepshead Bay Boulevard!

“So closes the curtain on the worst show in radio history, although it is not without its chuckles that the lights go dim on this train wreck” – Cindy McFello, The TransAmerican Review Post Express Nora flew into a murderous rage after being betrayed by all but her loyal companion and sole beneficiary of her estate, Max von Schtick; she fired gun shots onto the stage, killing her three nemeses, one of which was the most Beautiful woman in the world, Ashley Madison. The bodies are not yet cold, and the rumors are stirring about how they will preserve...

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The Colin Lively Show~Murder at the Fashion Show & Marilyn in Purgatory

Life and Death… Murder…Mayhem… Blood …. Splattered Brains…. SuperModels….Sleeping Pills in the Night Stand… Booze…Unrequited Sex…  all this and more, much more, on this week’s Colin Lively Show. It’s Nora’s big day.. AT LAST the lingerie queen is making her comeback, and every one will be there. The Press. The Photographers. The Bloggers. Rumors flying that Ryan Seacrest, himself, will be there. She has employed that uber-fabulous Colin Lively to do her hair, and celebrity makeup artist, Christopher Drummond is doing her makeup. Elegante Car Service Black Lincoln Continental will pull up in front of Lincoln Center at exactly...

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Drama in the Theatre…Live! The Colin Lively Show, Fri., Aug. 24th 2pm EDT

Saving The Slave! The once famed civil rights epicenter is up for auction, and Sarah Wolff, with her 501 (c) 3, New Brooklyn Theatre, are trying to save it. The Slave Theater became a Brooklyn civil rights landmark in the early 1980s, when community activists like Al Sharpton and Alton Maddox came to the political foreground during rallies at the theater, and racial tensions in New York City were running high. Now it sits empty, but not devoid of history. The history held therein is not something we should just tear down and let fall out of sight because all...

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HERE WOMEN TALK ABOUT PAYING FOR SEX Live! on The Colin Lively Show, Fri. Aug.17 2pm EDT

Roadkill on the Internet Highway I have a whole slew of nieces that I love to communicate with. “Uncle Colin, we don’t communicate with phone calls any more. You have to get yourself a computer and start e-mailing, like every one else does, or you are going to be roadkill on the side of the internet highway”. Then one of nieces, Michelle, came to NYC and set me up with a dial up Dell desktop. And that’s where it started. Thank God for Michelle. Because many of my friends who are my age still haven’t mastered even the emailing....

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The coming and going and going and coming, and always too soon, at the SHEEPSHEAD BAY BOULEVARD mansion of Nora Redmond is racing to a toe curling climax. Complete with the totally insane Nora herself, her swishy companion, Max, who tingles at the sound of each GRINDR notification, which seem to go off between the hours of 2 and 4 a.m. Moe Willis, who claimed he only wanted to cut her kudzu, but now we know is actually in cahoots with the Evil Betty Ruay, who stole Nora’s SCRAMBLED LEGS and became as wealthy as Sara Berkley.. and now...

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