Author: Donna Gore

“Two Desperate Housewives” First Support Group

“Two Desperate Housewives” First Support Group Lola Linstad and Linda Barker were your typical housewives in 1975 from Washington State. These two women were thrown together by life circumstance and the tragedy of those gone missing and murdered.  Lolah’s 19 year old daughter, Vonnie Stuth was abducted and murdered from her home on Thanksgiving, 1974. At the time, Linda Barker Lowrance was a 25 year old mother in need of a babysitter, who procured the day care services of Lola Linsted, 42.  In the fall of 1974 a Lola, a woman of quiet demeanor said, “Please forgive my house,...

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The Seven (Wonder)fuls of the World

In Life…and as it pertains to the Justice System Part I In Life: The true measure of people’s worth is not what they say, (Words are cheap…) but what they do for you!  Their acts of kindness planned or random are “the glue” in any relationship. In the Justice System: Be aware that victim advocates have defined roles depending upon the setting in which they work.  Given the variables of time and resources, they may go above and beyond the call of duty or provide the minimum services.  Prosecuting attorneys don’t typically communicate much during the process.  The reasons...

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“Oh… I Would Not Be Convicted By a Jury of My Peers… Still Crazy After All These Years”

Insanity as a defense whether “temporary” or “permanent due to chronic mental illness” is never palatable to crime victims.  On the one hand, we know intellectually that mental illness is a result of chemical or structural abnormalities in the brain and therefore, is “not their fault.” On the other hand, on an emotional level, mental illness is often viewed by crime victims as “an excuse for inexcusable criminal behavior.” There are reams and reams  of history going back to the 1800s , including the pioneering social welfare work of Dorothea Dix, supplanting squalid care of the mentally ill with...

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San Francisco’s Decline into Darkness

San Francisco’s Decline into Darkness San Francisco is famous for earthquakes…. However, it took another horrific event to shake its residents to the core in January, 2001.  What happens when you pair a world class marathon runner, who in an instant is physically trapped and literally torn to shreds with the likes of a vicious Presa Canarios attack dogs?  Death occurs in the blink of an eye… or in her individual case… a few hours after surgery. Diane Whipple’s heart must have stopped for all intents and purposes at the very moment when the two animals bolted, tore off...

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Should Victims of Crime Care About Death Row Inmates?

As a survivor of homicide with 30 years of experience in crime victim issues, Ladyjustice uses integrity and compassion everyday in the performance of her job and full time advocate for many people who are oppressed or forgotten.  However, does this compassion extend to death row?  At this writing, LJ has to say probably not….unless it is definitively proven that the prisoner has been wrongfully convicted to this “special class” called death row.  And another thing….  Why should we have any compassion for any murders in the first place?  Although this topic continues to be widely debated with no...

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Fire the Judge; Defrock the Priest and Other Necessary Acts

Ladyjustice recently fantasized in a blog comment, what a great moment it would be from the perspective of this homicide survivor, to see none other than Susan Murphy Milano effectively de-throne and ceremoniously remove the judicial robe of the judge who ultimately ordered supervised visits of the Powell children with their father Josh, after he lost custody.  What a photo opportunity!  This writer would pay money to see that one! To “be fair,” Ladyjustice is well aware that it was a particular set of circumstances that set the events in motion – like the domino effect… and not one...

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