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Edie Raether-The Bully Buster- Live on Psyched! Friday, Aug.24th 10am EDT

Join Shirill Hicks As She Welcomes…EDIE RAETHER- THE BULLY BUSTER GIVES CHILDREN A VOICE Teaching Kids to Reach Out, Speak Up and Be Heard With teenage bullying on the rise, Edie Raether, speaker, author and the CEO of the Wings for Wishes Institute, launched her anti-bullying series:  STOP BULLYING NOW – Creating Caring Cultures.  Her programs include training for educators, and leaders of church, community and parenting groups. Raether’s keynotes and roll-up-your sleeves intervention strategies to stop bullying in schools are presented to all school levels as well as colleges.  She also offers programs to stop workplace violence.  A...

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Having The Courage To Change Your Life’s Path LIVE! YAK Wed., August 15th 11am EDT

Betsy Talbot & Alison Cornford-Matheson~How To Carve The Life You Want Out Of The Life You Have Betsy Talbot writes about carving the lifestyle you want out of the life you already have. When she’s not writing, she’s traveling the globe with her husband Warren and wondering where they will end up next. On their website,, they share how they came to be world travelers, and share tips for all of us to follow if our life isn’t quite what we want. They are admittedly a recovering, 40-year-old, Type-A couple who learned that living large is not necessarily living...

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“Single Dad Laughing” Dan Pearce 11am EDT Wednesday on YAK

Dan Pearce, the most popular Dad on the internet and voice of “Single Dad Laughing”  joins Kay on YAK Wednesday, 11am EDT He is the author of the world’s # 1 dad blog, Single Dad Laughing. His writings about fatherhood and other areas of life have been read, shared, and loved by millions. He has become particularly well known for his ability to write directly, simply, and poignantly about parenting, relationships, hardships, bullying, and love. “I started Single Dad Laughing because it was something I needed in my life. I needed to write. I needed to vent. I needed to feel human. And...

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Summer Movies, Beach Reads & Sheepshead Bay Week #8 Live! The Colin Lively Show Fri., Aug. 3rd 2pmEDT

Hot Summer Movies ~ Best Beach Reads ~ Sheepshead Bay Boulevard Friday, August 3rd  2pmEDT This show is full of summer fun. We have another exciting installment of Sheepshead Bay Boulevard, week 8 already! Colin, joined by Judy Stadt, Susie Sexton and The Kemp’s, bring us live radio theatre. If you’ve missed any of the episodes, you MUST listen to the archives and get caught up.   Summer Movies- What are your favorites so far? The subject matter runs from “Chippendale’s” type bar, Magic Mike, to Abe Lincoln as a vampire hunter. I don’t remember that in my history...

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Can Mitt Romney Serve Two Masters? BROADSIDED Thurs., Aug. 2nd 11amEDT

As the GOP was starting to ramp up their political machine earlier this year, Broadsided was joined by Conservative pundit, Tricia Erickson. Now that Willard is the presumptive GOP nominee, Carol and Vicki have invited her back to take a serious look at his beliefs. Tricia is the author of “Can Mitt Romney Serve Two Masters-The Mormon Church Versus The Office of the Presidency of The United States”, she is a former Mormon and the daughter of a Mormon Bishop – and she has a lot to say on the topic of Willard “Mitt” Romney and why he’s not fit to be...

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Sheepshead Bay, Dior Cosmetics & Retiring To Costa Rica LIVE! The Colin Lively Show Fri., July 27th 2pm EDT

Sheepshead Bay Boulevard Continues…Dresden Buras of Dior Cosmetics… GeeGee Morgan on Americans Retiring To Costa Rica 2pm EDT Friday Live! I hope you’re prepared, Sheepshead Bay Boulevard is going to be extra crazy this week! That’s all Colin would reveal, and he said that’s all we need to know…for now. So don’t miss a minute!   Dresden Buras, famed Cleveland makeup artist currently for Dior Cosmetics, and most notably known for her make-up artistry for print ads, modeling and commercials, joins Colin as he broadcasts from Cleveland. I’m sure she’ll have some make-up tips for the everyday gal, and...

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