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Genetically Modified Foods – Don’t Poison Yourself!

Genetically Modified Foods – Don’t Poison Yourself! I suspect the information in this column might come as a surprise to you, as most Americans have no idea what GMOs are, and why they are so dangerous to our well-being. What are GMOs anyway? Genetically Modified Organisms are created when genes from one species, such as bacteria, viruses or humans, are forced into the DNA of another crop, or even into animals to produce new traits. This relatively new technology is becoming more and more widespread as chemical companies like Monsanto are creating new strains of DNA altered seeds and...

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Shame On You, Ralph Lauren!

Shame On You, Ralph Lauren! Team USA Olympic Uniforms NOT Made In America? The opening ceremonies at the Olympics in London could have been a wondrous and respectful tribute to our courageous, gifted athletes. They could have proudly marched, showing the world that America still holds a place of respect and  dignity. Instead, they marched in blue blazer/white pants outfits with Mr. Lauren’s polo logo prominently featured. His mindless decision to use the Olympics as a way of publicizing his company is beyond contempt. I will never again see anything he designs or sells without being disgusted at his...

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Generating Joy…No Matter What!

Generating Joy…No Matter What! I added the “No Matter What” this morning. Here’s how I came up with that: I despise aging! Now, that may come as a shock, which wouldn’t surprise me, as my life is dedicated to creating getting older as a glorious adventure. I’ve written books, given speeches, appeared on TV and the media to inspire others to love and honor themselves through the passage of Time, using my positive outlook as inspiration. I’ve never lied about my resistance to the aging process. I often share how my fear and hatred of aging began very early...

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Johnson and Johnson – A Diabolical Company!

Johnson and Johnson – A Diabolical Company! For years I’ve been warning people to avoid any products manufactured by Johnson & Johnson. They have been getting away with selling CARCINOGENIC BABY OIL for decades. Yes, you read it right… carcinogenic! READ THE LABEL. It’s Mineral Oil, a petroleum distillate, a proven carcinogen. Uninformed parents throughout America have been using this baby oil on their children for as long as I can remember. No parent would knowingly endanger the lives of their children, IF THEY KNEW! The problem is that they don’t know. It boggles the mind that Johnson &...

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SUN EXPOSURE: Take Necessary Precautions!

SUN EXPOSURE: Take Necessary Precautions! “Summertime… and the livin’ is easy” are the famous lyrics of Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess. Yes, the livin’ may be easy, but so is the danger of careless exposure to the sun’s midday rays. I recall years of slathering myself with baby oil, lying out for hours to catch those precious tanning rays. That’s what me and my friends did in our teenage years mindless of its dangers. There’s a song that teases: “Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun.” That sentiment might have been uttered in jest, but these days,...

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A New Take On Anti Aging – PRO YOUTHING™!

A New Take On Anti Aging – PRO YOUTHING™! I’ve always resisted using the term “Anti-Aging.”  My daughter is a heavy hitter in the PR field, and she advised me, “Mom, you may hate that term, but since it’s the industry standard, get over it!” I followed her advice, but didn’t “get over it!” Fifteen years ago, at age 61, I patented the word RETROAGE. I had been taking courses at Landmark Education, and they taught us the power of  languaging (not languishing!). Even the Bible instructs us, “In the beginning was the WORD.”  “Good enough for the Bible,”...

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