Author: Kathryn Mann

Trapped in Her Body, Autistic Girl Suddenly Speaks

Trapped in Her Body, Autistic Girl Suddenly Speaks Are you actually using your voice? If there is one thing that the internet has an abundance of, it is uplifting or inspiring videos. Every day I see one of my friends post a YouTube link on Facebook that falls into that category. Whether they are poems and music with moving phrases or clips of adorable kitty-cats, these videos are constantly being circulated. From time to time, however, I find one that literally changes me. Inspiration in the best sense of the word, this is the kind of video that makes...

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Mont Saint Michel: French Magical Surprise

Mont Saint Michel: French Magical Surprise and a European Travel Gem On the western coast of France, between the somber beaches of Normandy and the legendary seafood of Saint Malo, lies Mont Saint Michel. This place, as iconic to France as the Eiffel Tower, is a little village on top of a mountain (population:41), at the peak of which is an impressive monastery. The gates to the city close at night and only those who live, work, or have accommodations on the mountain can go through. When my husband and I began planning our trip to France, we were...

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Travel Cheap: A Lifestyle and Philosophy

Travel Cheap: A Lifestyle and Philosophy Looking back at the last five years of my life, I wouldn’t change a thing.  My husband and I have been through challenges just like everyone else in the world.  It was not always easy.  In fact, at times it was absolutely miserable, but what was gained in return is better than gold.  So what am I talking about exactly?  It is not the typical struggle you may think. It is not unemployment or the fact that I have been in school the entire five years.  It wasn’t our wedding or having kids,...

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Northern Ireland: Peace Walls and the Marching Season

Well, I am leaving in about 22 hours and, as promised in my last post, here is a little preview information on my next trip. Myself, my husband Dennis, and our good friend Ben will be leaving for Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to document a notorious period of conflict for them. Certainly romantic landscapes and castles come to mind when you imagine Ireland. Politically, however, tensions are high. Although things are much better than they used to be, strong sense of loyalty and community means that in the North of the Republic and in Northern Ireland,...

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Working Class Wanderer: What’s New? School, Job, and More Travel!!

If you read my travel updates and tips, you must have noticed a large gap since my last blog post. I have missed it and I apologize for keeping you waiting. “So what has been so important?” – you might ask. Well, it has been a great combination of many things. In order of occurrence, here is the news: 1. Planning! In just 8 days I will be leaving on my next trip with my husband, Dennis. The subject of this adventure will most likely be the topic of my next one or two blogs, since it is so...

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Which Way? This Spanish Pilgrimage Is For You

“You don’t choose a life, you live one”  -The Way As travel enthusiasts, my husband and I are always thinking about the next trip, and the next, and the next. We are currently planning five trips; three official, one that may or may not happen, and one to occur whenever we have a LOT of free time (whenever that is). It is this last trip I would like to share today. Here is how it all started: In  2010, a movie called “The Way” was released to theaters, starring Martin Sheen. Without giving anything away (this is all in...

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