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Thought for Today

Thought for Today A Thought. I kind of like this word.  It means the action or process of thinking.  Synonyms being thinking, contemplation, musing, pondering, consideration, reflection, introspection, deliberation, concentration, etc. Just the other day I had a thought about what the most important elements are for survival.  A reflective moment, if you will.  I had been without water in my home for over 24 hours.  I’ve experienced being without heat and electricity for longer periods, but never without water for a long period of time.   I was most thankful for bottled water during my water outage, and I had a place to go for a shower. An hour after restoring water while sitting at the kitchen table having dinner, I sat for an extra 10 minutes thinking about what items people could really live without for an extended period of time.  If you think about it for a moment…years ago people didn’t have electricity or solar power in order to keep warm or cook.   They had to rely on a wood stove or fireplace for heat and some other light source for reading. So the one item we cannot live without is water.  We need it to survive!  We drink it, cook with it, and clean with it.  So the thought/reminder I’d like to share is:  be good to our planet.  The day may come when do not have a water...

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Day Trip to Charlotte

Day Trip to Charlotte Today I took a designated work holiday for a day trip. I had the honor and pleasure of spending time with a great group of people who are members of  The day (trip) started at 5:45 a.m. and ended at 5:45 p.m. when I pulled out of our meeting place (Belk’s parking lot) and I was on the interstate headed back home. It was the fastest fun day I’ve had in a while. The group consisted of former Stock Car drivers and fans, all members of Stock Car RacersReunion (  The most exciting part...

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Without Warning

Without Warning Ladies and gentlemen, this could happen to you.   My recent morning adventure may save you some time and money.  Warning lights do not always work! Three days ago, Monday morning, I found myself in a situation I would like to share in the event any of you should ever have a similar experience with your vehicle not working properly. I was leaving one location and about to head to my next destination.  I got in my vehicle, started the engine and placed the gear selector in R (reverse).  The vehicle wouldn’t move.  I then placed the gear selector in D...

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Are We One?

Are We One? Are we one? I’ll get to that in a moment, but first I would like to share an awesome moment from today. For me, anyway. I took a personal day off today. Primarily to accomplish an immediate goal and well, I have to use two allotted personal days in a given year before August 1. That’s another story in and of itself! Back to the awesome moment. I arranged to meet Pappy in town today for lunch. (Pappy is my biological father who has cancer.) It’s his birthday today, so I drove to pick up one...

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Santa His belly rotund his laughter robust this strong and gentle man sits shaving a block of wood he seems never to tire he works endless hours around the clock tick, tock tick, tock his beard the color of snow his cheeks a red rosey glow eyes so blue… they bring comfort to you whittling, filing painting and smiling 364 days a year He shouts for his reindeer! Come Dasher and Dancer Prancer and Vixon Comet and Cupid Donner and Blitzen! Now just waiting for Rudolph’s red nose to light up the sky Toy’s for all! Good girls and...

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Porch Swing

Porch Swing Sitting on the porch swing swaying to the warm evening’s breeze his hand enveloping hers her eyes smile to his They need not say a word knowing each other’s thoughts Who would have thought that they would come this far Many years have come and gone so much heartache so much laughter All and all time has been good to that older couple swaying in the swing time has given them contentment time has tamed their restless hearts Listen carefully and you will hear their song of yesterday in the whispers of the wind… This was written...

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