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Look Your Stylish Best in an Elegant Cocktail Dress

Look Your Stylish Best in an Elegant Cocktail Dress Summer is here and soon you’ll be getting a horde of invitations to weddings, receptions, and all kinds of parties and reunions. After all, summer is the best time of the year and many people prefer getting married in the months of June or July. Who wouldn’t want to get married when flowers are in full bloom and the days are bright, sunny, and long? If all that your wardrobe includes is a heap of custom embroidered polo shirts and one lone little black dress for formal events, you need...

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6 Tips on Dressing Your Kids in Style

6 Tips on Dressing Your Kids in Style One of the best parts of bring up children is dressing them up in cute outfits. As soon as women discover that they’re going to have a sweet little bundle of joy in their arms, they begin daydreaming about adorning them in adorable outfits in varied colors. If men and women’s apparel industry is booming, then kids aren’t far behind either. The market for kid’s attire and accessories is burgeoning as well. All parent’s want their kid(s) to look smart. Many a time, parents focus only on dressing them up in...

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6 Easy Ways to Style Your Outdoor Living Areas

6 Easy Ways to Style Your Outdoor Living Areas We focus a lot on our homes and interiors. Every holiday season we give them a spruce-up, bring in new elements, and decorate them to the best of our ability and imagination. We do keep our porches, patios, front yards, backyards, decks, and balconies clean, but don’t really put a lot of thought into how we can enliven those spaces. The outdoor sitting areas are rarely on the top of our minds. And that is a crying shame because these hold so much potential to make our homes look stunning. Here are six ways to add oodles of personality to your outdoor living areas. Deck it up With Lace Curtains How do you like your porch? Vast and open so that you can soak in the sun and enjoy the wind without any obstructions? Or do you like it to be shaded in places so that it can make for a great sitting area, especially when the elements are in full swing? Curtains can accomplish so much. They can shade you from the sun, enhance the aesthetic appeal of your porch or patio, as well as look stunningly beautiful. We’d suggest thin lace curtains in summery colors (depending on the season, and also where you live). Yellow and lilac come to mind immediately. Let them flow in the breeze, or...

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Decoding the Style of Famous Women Entrepreneurs and Business Magnates

Decoding the Style of Famous Women Entrepreneurs They came, they saw, they conquered! Incredible intelligence, distinctive personalities and sharp foresight make these women dynamic leaders, hard-core go-getters, and forces to reckon with in their areas of expertise. Their professional skills are lauded everywhere, they make it to the most powerful lists consistently, and they are front-page news. However their reason for recall here is not their professional excellence, but their fashion-forward, chic and classy sartorial choices. Let us peek into the style of these true epitomes of power dressing from different walks of life. Marissa Mayer Yahoo’s new CEO...

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Top 5 Most Expensive Mattress Brands

Top 5 Most Expensive Mattress Brands When a product has a high price point, the hope and belief is that the higher price is justified by great quality. There should be some added value or workmanship that enhances an item with a high price tag. Sometimes expensive items are simply overpriced, but usually there is an added value (as with Ferraris and their handmade interiors). Luxury mattresses may come with a big price tag, but the high quality touches are usually worth the investment. Here are the 5 most expensive mattress brands in the world: #1 Hastens – None...

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