Author: Nancy Meryl

Making 2012 a Brighter Year for All of Us

Making 2012 a Brighter Year for All of Us The last decade has taken a great toll on many of us economically and spiritually, so it’s natural to wonder and sometimes to worry what a new year has in store for us. Which people will make a great impression in our lives? What events will transpire and how will they affect us? Many people have grown fearful of what to expect. Take a serious look around you. What are the things you fear? Only by identifying them, will you be able to dispel them and turn your thoughts to...

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What is your definition of Spirituality?  Could it be a doorway leading the inner self through secret paths of learning? Can spiritual people heal themselves? Can they heal other people both emotionally and physically? Do people have guides that work with specific issues? What does spirituality mean to you? Many people feel spirituality is an inner peace, others ask, what does spirituality entail? When I think of the meaning behind spirituality, I think it refers to an immaterial reality. It is the essence of ones own being in the deepest level by developing an inner path. It is the...

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Do you Ever Feel the Presence of Your Loved Ones?

Do you Ever Feel the Presence of Your Loved Ones? Feeling the presence of a loved one is comforting. Many people reflect by questioning if what they are feeling or seeing really exists. How can we determine if what we are feeling is fact or imagination? When I was younger, my mom had a dinner party. My dad had crossed over three years prior to this dinner. It happened to be on her anniversary. Without guests having knowledge of this date, one of the guests bought a cake for desert. As she opened the box, the cake read, “Happy...

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