Author: Lisa Thomas

Seven Keys to Overcoming Adversity

Seven Keys to Overcoming Adversity Adversity is like a hurricane. It destroys everything in its path except that which is indestructible, leaving us with the ability to see the truth about ourselves.   Adversity defines what we are really made of.  It can make you better or bitter. T.D. Jakes says “A setback is a setup for a comeback”! You can overcome adversity and allow it to make you stronger, wiser and more empowered. Being a recovering alcoholic/ addict, an ex-offender, domestic violence survivor and former prostitute can have its drawbacks.  But instead of allowing the circumstances of my past...

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Adoption is REAL Pro-Choice: Bethany Christian Services

Many women who face an unplanned pregnancy just want the babies in their womb to disappear. With the pro-choice agenda pushing hard on abortion, unplanned pregnancy raises many questions with seemingly few options. But those who stand for life believe that every life is precious because we are all made in the image of God. Although many women believe that allowing a child to live and be raised by someone else is the loving thing to do, many claim the adoption process is much too difficult. But that is just not true! Bethany Christian Services (BCS), an international agency...

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Thank You Governor Bob McDonnell

Thank you, Governor Bob McDonnell,  for signing House Bill 462 into law on Wednesday. Because the measure was amended multiple times, it first had to undergo two votes from the house and senate of the Virginia General Assembly this session. After signing the legislation, Governor McDonnell issued a statement that acknowledged both sides of the mandatory-ultrasound debate. He also shared why he saw it as a necessary measure. “As difficult as an abortion decision is, the information provided by ultrasounds, along with other information given by the doctor pursuant to current law and prevailing medical practice, can help the mother make a fully informed decision,” McDonnell said. “I believe that we become a more compassionate society when we enact reasonable legislation to protect innocent human life.” Governor, thank you for standing up for the rights of the the...

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Pro-Life, Pro-Choice or Murder?

I would like to share an article written by a recent guest on my show, Terry Beatley who is the founder of No Excuse Ministry PAC. This is in response to the letter to the editor of the Freelance Star Newspaper, with the title “Think you have control over your own body, ladies?” [Feb. 6].   I would like to share a counterpoint from Dr. Bernard Nathanson, co-founder of NARAL, America’s largest abortion lobby group. On Dec. 1, 2009, I flew to New York to interview Dr. Nathanson, who felt personally responsible for killing 75,000 children while he advanced unfettered...

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My Christmas Wish ~ by Lisa Thomas

My wish for you this Christmas is that you find Christ and get to know him.  He is life and freedom.  For many years I merely existed, fighting through feelings of self loathing, despair, violence  and love starvation.  My only relief was to escape, whether through drugs, alcohol, men or food – just use something as a comfort so I didn’t have to live in the walls of my own mind.  These actions took me to a place of despair and evil I don’t wish for anyone.  The pain was so great that I tried to take my own...

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In Memory of HWT Member Jennifer McCabe Marino ~ A Faithful Listener

About six months ago I met Jennifer McCabe Marino through a recovery group on Facebook.  We exchanged posts and she became a friend, a member and faithful listener of and in particular of my show THIS IS YOUR LIFE: Courage to Change.  She would often jump on the chat line during the show and drop nuggets of encouragement and kindness.  Not once did she even mention her poor health, or exhibit a victim mentality, although she certainly had the right too. I only learned of the severity of her liver disease through another FB friend about a week...

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