Author: Carla Goddard

Sync Your Internal IPod For a Prosperous New Year

  It is an amazing and miraculous time to be alive.  The vastness of the cosmos, the acceleration of time, and the higher energetic vibrations are awe inspiring.  It is truly an epic time to be alive, to be fulfilling soul destines, and to be part of ‘tribes’ that serve to lift us all up together. Are you not feeling it?  Your work not awesomazing?  Don’t feel you are able to work at your full potential? You are not alone.  Many are out there feeling the vibrations lift and feeling like they are being left behind.  The energetic flow...

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A “Doable” Plan To Create Your Vision into Reality

A “Doable” Plan To Create Your Vision into Reality Are you standing at the cross roads of life wondering where you are supposed to go? Confused about even what your vision or plan is?  Is it truly possible to go from a lost soul to become a visionary leader?  As the New Year approaches, are you wanting to develop a simple, clear, and “doable” plan of action to create the reality you desire – your vision for the New Year? Here is the key to creating that plan of action – you have to know what your authentic path in...

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A Reader Asks: Overview of the Auric Field and its Defects

A reader of Here Women Talk asked about Auric Fields and the defects that cause disharmony and disease in the physical body.  Here is a brief overview. The human energy field is made up of two major parts – the auric field and the energy (chakra) matrix.  The auric fields exist in layers, or as some call them bodies, with each layer relating to an energy center on the matrix. There are seven major layers of the auric fields.  Many additional layers exist as they extend outward into the Universal energetic flow, however, we will only discuss the three...

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Illumination: A Shaman Medicine Woman’s Perspective

Illumination: A Shaman Medicine Woman’s Perspective Seeking illumination.  I asked one of my very first teachers how to find illumination – the reply was turn the lights on.  Sounds humorous but it is the key to finding the elusive illumination so many are seeking.  There are many types of lights that can shine upon life; finding the one that shines on your authentic self can be like walking around a home and the power is out.  You have to find the one candle to illuminate the way. The truth is that the candle, the flame to guide you, to...

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What is the Feminine Divine Spirit Within?

What is Sexuality?  What is Spirit?  Can you unite the two?   Would I want to unite the two? As a society we have created some perceptions that have actually caused us to block off some of the innate abilities that is within each of us. Religion and dogma have taught us that even to talk about sexuality cannot be spiritual in any way, shape or form.   We have developed fears and phobias in respect to our sexual natures.  We have developed fears and phobias in respect to our true spiritual natures as well. Sexuality is simply the power within the energy system of your...

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Guided Journey Meditation to Cleanse and Align

I was asked to record a guided journey meditation to cleanse and align the chakra centers and the auric fields.  This is a meditation that I was taught from very early in my energy workings.  It takes you to your Inner Temple and through visualization cleanses and aligns both the chakra’s and the auric fields.  As it works with both energy matrix systems, the colors and symbols may seem a bit different than what you may be accustom to. I hope you enjoy.Guided Journey – Chakra and Auric Cleanse and...

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