Author: Stephanie Kathan

Is Stress Making a Mess in Your Life?

Is Stress Making a Mess in Your Life? Stress is one of the messiest things when it comes to creating in life. (And you are always creating…. but most don’t realize that they are doing it).  When you are stressing out about situations, people, family, money, or whatever subject you are currently stressing over….. you are feeling awful.  That feeling sends out a frequency that is matched with  more situations and circumstances that match it.  Whether you like it or not.  When you are worrying (which is what stress is caused from) you are using your Imagination. When you...

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Releasing Yourself from The Mind Trap

Releasing Yourself from The Mind Trap There will always be those who may not celebrate your success….  They have no power unless you get caught up in the Venus Mind Trap. On my journey to deliberate creating, I have discovered that friends and family don’t always feel the same enthusiasm toward my success as I do… And I’ve discovered something else……  It doesn’t matter! As things begin moving (which they do when you are focusing), for example; Things are going well, you’ve achieved something you’ve been working toward, you are beginning to see evidence of your own power as...

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Unlearning Underearning

I’ve got something to tell you that you may not believe, a few years ago I wouldn’t have believed it myself. While traveling my own journey to self discovery, I have had to face some demons, overcome some challenges and shift my mindset from one of despair to one of awareness.  While learning how to master my own mind and transform from the person I was into the person I am, I have been blessed to learn from mentors who have changed everything I thought I knew about life and turned it on it’s ear. This A-HA moment came...

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Morning Coffee – Divine Style

When I enjoy  my morning coffee – Divine style, I always have the most powerful A Ha moments, as I come to realizations, gaining insight as I discover answers to questions and solutions to problems.   Before I go further, let me describe my having coffee with God process; I have my notebook on the table when I enjoy my coffee in the morning…and as I quiet my mind…I go within. I talk about what I’m doing and WHY I’m doing it.  I listen for the guidance that is given when I ask questions of what next step to...

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What are Your Indicators telling You?

Today I found myself in a situation that had me traveling up the vibrational scale.  I started my journey in “completely pissed off”, I made a quick stop in “I want to kick some ass”, I then had a brief layover in “raising my voice” and spent a little too much time than necessary in “just a little upset”. Then it arrived…… That moment of clarity and conscious awareness…. when I saw these precious moments in time for exactly what they were…. My Indicators, letting me know I was out of alignment.   Each of us comes with an...

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Deceit is Temporary – Growth is Permanent

Have You Been Duped? Every industry has their own version of a sleazy car salesman….. the personal growth industry is no exception.  As it is in every area of life, you will find people who Inspire you, Touch You and Change you forever.  Sometimes it’s because of the information they shared that brought you to new heights…. and sometimes it’s the deception they offer that brings you there…. The point is YOU WILL GET THERE….. Sometimes we are so eager to learn and be accepted that we listen to Anybody, who tells us a pretty tale of possibility, making...

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