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Festival of the Virgen del Rosario, La Paz, Bolivia

A Tourist Stumbles upon Festival of the Virgen del Rosario, La Paz, Bolivia As a stranger in a strange land, one of the great pleasures of travel occur when one literally stumbles into a local festival. This evening, here in La Paz, that is exactly what happened. I took an evening stroll up the street from my hotel, and when I reached the main street, only one block away, there it was!  The entire street was blocked off to traffic because today is this town’s annual celebration/festival of the “Virgen del Rosario.”  Hundreds of wildly and outlandishly gaudy costumed...

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Beware Protest Marches in La Paz, Bolivia — A Tourist’s Close Call with Disaster

Bolivia:  A Tourist’s Close Call Bolivia used to be run by dictators. Now, a far leftist “campesino” peasant, a buddy of Hugo Chavez, is president. They take the right of peaceful protest to the extreme and so, virtually every day, here in the capital, La Paz, there is some sort of protest or march going on. The “Protest du Jour” is this: There is a nature preserve in the south of the country called “TIPNIS,” sort of a natural and beautiful park/preserve. The Bolivian government proposes to build a highway through it, and the local peasants there are, of...

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La Paz, Bolivia — A Budget Traveler’s Dream: Safe, Friendly, Exotic, Cheap

I arrived in La Paz, Bolivia this morning. It is the highest elevation capital on earth at about 12,000 feet. But since it is fairly near the equator, the weather is usually crisp and clear without being cold. The women dress in their native costumes.  All the streets are packed with open-air markets and women sitting there on the sidewalk selling pretty much anything you can think of. They all carry their little infants in a sort of  “papoose” on their backs, and they wear a sort of derby hat. It is colorful. The government is way the hell...

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