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Rock, Shell, Bead and Brick – Easy to Make, Free Gifts

Rock, Shell, Bead and Brick – Easy to Make, Free Gifts I needed a little break from collage so I picked up my pliers and wire and started wrapping rocks. Call them tchotkes, doodads, fetishes, what have you, I don’t care — I’m on a tear. Earlier in the year, I blogged about finding finding a bunch of beach brick down in Galveston, most of it likely to be remnants of hurricane Ike, which manifested its horrible self here on the Gulf Coast during September of 2008. The bricks’ humble shapes spoke to me, softened as they are by...

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A Series of Unfortunate Bullies, or “Hey lets stop pretending Lauren Conrad is a common criminal because she cut up an old hardcover book.”

How do we expect children to get along or to raise children who will not become victims of bullying… and how can we expect to avoid crazy shit in our own lives when we don’t have a clue when we’re being assholes? One of the best things about the internet is one of the most dangerous tools: Free speech. It’s a necessary part of our culture, but so is accountability. Today lets all agree to be at least a little bit accountable for who we are when we’re online. I saw a video earlier of Lauren Conrad on youtube, sharing...

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Expand Your Creativity: Try Something New

Houston artist Keddy A. Outlaw is asking you to share something new that you’ve tried. Simply upload a photo or a short explanation, and you’ll be entered into a drawing for your choice of an original KAO mixed media collage (choices shown below).  Deadline: Midnight CDT June 28. CLICK HERE TO UPLOAD Keddy says when you try something new, you expand your boundaries.  It’s okay if what you do is “beginnerish” – that’s how you start.   She says you can try ANYTHING. Here are some examples: new sport exercise spiritual practice craft diet outlook travel joining a group...

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Before & After: Share Your Photos

What have you changed? Did you redecorate a room?  Change a paint color? Repurpose a piece of furniture? Have you changed your body? How about a new haircut?  Restyled a dress with a belt? You can find umteen ways to REDO things, from your home, to your work space, to your personal appearance, and we’re asking you to share your BEFORE and AFTER photos with us. It’s a Creative Challenge, and EVERYONE who submits will be entered into a random drawing for a $25 gift card (good for online shopping, too) to Steinmart (a fabulous place for women’s, men’s...

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Connect with your Creative Muse

“Connect with your Creative Muse” A Fun Art Workshop, using a Journal, Sharpie Pen, Watercolor Pencils & Crayons and a Small Paint Brush. ALL MATERIALS WILL BE PROVIDED! Sponsored by Art & Artifacts and Here Women Talk     Sometimes you just “FEEL” that somewhere inside, you have the answer(s) to your deepest questions . . . but you just can’t quite “SEE” those answers! This is how I felt over twelve years ago as I was struggling to change direction from a workaholic to . . . ??????? (I couldn’t find the anwser!)  I wanted to make a...

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SHAPES & PATTERNS – A fun workshop exploring gels, pastes, textured gels, stamps, stencils and other techniques!

A Fun, Playful Workshop with Paints and Mixed Media Sponsored by Here Women Talk and Art & Artifacts for Painters and Non-Painters Workshop Objective:  When you leave this workshop you will know how to use a variety of mixed media and will have a minimum of 5 paintings/sample boards to assist you in making future decisions. Some of the Activities: 1.  Creating mono-print with embellishments of more paint and mixed media. 2.  Creating a print-like design, with your eyes closed, and then adding paint and mixed media. 3.  Transferring an image (laser print) onto your design. 4.  Carving into...

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