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Them People

Them People By Carole Harris Barton I saw her on the street when I entered the coffee shop. Waiting for my drink, I silently hoped the homeless woman would be gone when I left. She wasn’t. She’s going to hit me up for a handout, I just know it. “Hey, lady,” said the pale sixtyish woman, her thin face deeply furrowed. “Which way you goin’? I need a lift downtown.” “Sorry,” I replied, hoping my relief wasn’t obvious. “I’m not going that way.” “But you could, couldn’t you?” Her eyes were clear and steady. The truth in her question...

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“Say YES To YOU By Saying NO To FEAR”

For the past year or so I’ve been doing a lot of work on myself re “fear”. I’ve been delving into  “A Course In Miracles” (even facilitated a group that studied it)  and practicing the very useful ideas presented in David Friedman’s “Thought Exchange”.  This work helped me see Fear in a different light. I am learning that Fear is useless. This  led me to begin my quest to handle fear and not let it handle me! I discovered that I’d been taught to be afraid of things when I was young and that by the time I was...

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Say, “I’m Okay!” to Yourself

This can sound super hokey until you actually do it and learn to keep doing it. Knowing, deep within yourself, that you’re not a “slack off” or a “second rate” person or a person who could have accomplished more in the years he/she’s been moving about on Earth, can (no – WILL) make a huge difference on the good that comes into you. I’ve heard this a million times in self-help courses and read it in books – and I’m only now beginning to truly sense the wisdom in not thinking about what I didn’t accomplish. The old “coulda,...

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In this novel we find a dying man unreasonably self-possessed with the lack of control over the inevitability of his death, while he experiences the various stages of dying. Thus, in accordance with his life long characteristics, he lashes out at the nurse, Sister Agnes, and in an even more viciously, against Sheela Bacchus, his servant.  His inhumane treatment of both women, also serves to obscure his own guilt of having pursued and impregnated a fifteen year old child, Dalia Mendonza, the mother of his beloved son, Payton. Yet, in keeping secret the whereabouts of Dalia Mendonza, he hopes to emotionally and psychologically control their son from his grave.  Unrepentant, he seeks to avenge the family’s estrangement from him and Payton, due to hte younger man’s illegitimacy and link to the African blood line, through his...

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Before & After: Share Your Photos

What have you changed? Did you redecorate a room?  Change a paint color? Repurpose a piece of furniture? Have you changed your body? How about a new haircut?  Restyled a dress with a belt? You can find umteen ways to REDO things, from your home, to your work space, to your personal appearance, and we’re asking you to share your BEFORE and AFTER photos with us. It’s a Creative Challenge, and EVERYONE who submits will be entered into a random drawing for a $25 gift card (good for online shopping, too) to Steinmart (a fabulous place for women’s, men’s...

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