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Fifty Shades of Gray Roots

Fifty Shades of Gray Roots Hello…my name is Jane…I’m fifty-eight years old…and…I have…gray hair…I haven’t always been this way…in fact…it was about thirty years ago…that…I noticed the first silvery intruder in my light brown locks… I’d like to say that I am one of those women…who decided to age gracefully…to be exactly the way the good Lord made me…but that ain’t exactly so… I’m scrappy…I put up a fight… Now I know…I should never have plucked it…I’d always heard that they come back in multiples…but…it was so tempting…shining…all by itself in the midst of a sea of brown…I couldn’t...

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Let My Puppies Go

Let My Puppies Go Most of us were at least in diapers in the 60’s when women in great numbers started to roar.  The night skies were alight with bonfires burning…what else—their bras? But not me.  I had waited way too long to sprout enough to need a bra—how could I give it up  without a fight?  So I kept my medieval torture chamber with straps, wearing it proudly as a badge of honor for that rite of passage. Motherhood brought on a whole new bra phase—the nursing bra became my constant companion.  Never leave home, go to bed or...

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French Women Know How to Have Fun

French Women Know How to Have Fun Why can’t they make commercials like this in America? Melissa Nott said, “# 1 Now I know why French women are so fit and happy. # 2 I am immediately moving to France.” Who wants to join Melissa and me? Originally posted...

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The Bears, the woods, and toilet paper

The Bears, the woods, and toilet paper I have little doubt that everyone who may venture in here to read this has heard the oft-repeated saying as to what bears “do in the woods”.  If you don’t, I’m not going to carry that line of thought further, but I will give you a hint.  Charmin bathroom tissue (aka toilet paper) has several entertaining commercials with the bears.  Cute, but not real classy in my opinion. The episode that brings me to this blog post today is my experience this morning replacing the toilet tissue as some prefer to call it, in the master bathroom.  Please allow me to digress just a bit for some background to my thought pattern, if, indeed, my thoughts ever have a pattern. I am old enough to have experienced adventures in “the little house away from the house”.  In fact, when we once visited family in Canada, the “little house” was actually a two-holer.  I am not, however, old enough to have experienced the “corn cob” for use in the outhouse.  We did, however, in Canada use a very thick magazine but it wasn’t the Sears Catalogue. Not sure what it was, but it worked.  I must point out, in the interest of clarity, that the house in which I grew up did have indoor plumbing. Anyways, back to the reason for my blog...

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Learning to Laugh at Yourself

Learning to Laugh at Yourself Laughter comes to me easily, and often. I live with a tremendously funny man who cracks me up daily (without even trying!) with his innate sense of offbeat, well-timed wit. I have friends peppered throughout my social groups whose personalities are made up of varying combinations of funny, quirky, silly, and strange, from and with whom hilarity ensues on a regular basis. And, when all else fails, I’ve collected a handful of web sites and blogs on which I can always depend for a good dose of mirth. Looking back, I’d have to say...

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Menu Please – “I’ll Have What She’s Having”

Menu Please – I’ll Have What She’s Having I have a psychological disorder. Many of my friends have speculated this for years. And in my defense they were presumptuous. I’ve checked the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” and my problem is not mentioned. It’s either not officially recognized, not taken seriously by psychiatrists or I’m the first person to exhibit symptoms and give it a name. It falls under the general category of “envy” and no it’s not for a penis. I don’t know what Freud was smoking when he thought up that idea. I’ve never wanted...

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