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The Squirrels and Colin Kaepernick

The Squirrels and Colin Kaepernick We are a nation in dire need of a collective dose of Ritalin. Once again, I’ve tried to reason with people over a young man who, on the 26th of August, at the start of an NFL pre-season game, chose to quietly sit down and bow his head during the playing of the National Anthem. He didn’t make a big deal out of it. He warned no one he was going to do it. He issued no press release announcing his intentions. When the music started and everyone not in line for a dog...

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I’m Not the Reason We Can’t Have Nice Things

I’m Not the Reason We Can’t Have Nice Things Back in the 60’s, I was raised in what was considered a traditional American home. I had two parents who loved each other very much. Aside from the size of our brood, we pretty much looked like every other family we knew. I think a good deal of learning how to live in a civilized society actually came from growing up in a crowded field of siblings. You learn early how to negotiate, how to give and take, how to share and the value of kindness. There was a sense...

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Jesus is Not On Trial

Jesus is Not On Trial Aside from pointing and laughing on social media, I’ve remained largely silent on the subject of Kim Davis, the Rowan County, Kentucky Clerk who has turned herself into a media whore celebrity by discriminating against same-sex marriage and going to jail for directly defying a Federal judge who previously ordered her to do her job and comply with the law in issuing marriage licenses. And while I have no doubt her motives have more to do with financial gain and media attention and a lot less to do with her closely held religious beliefs, it’s her...

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Bigotry At Half-Staff

Bigotry At Half-Staff It’s been 4 days since 9 Americans were murdered in a South Carolina AME church, but not just any church. Those Americans were murdered in the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston and that church carries strong historical significance. “Mother Emanuel” is the oldest AME church in the Southern US and houses the oldest black congregation south of Baltimore. That church was built at a time in our history when African Americans found themselves under increasing discrimination in the white Methodist church and the breaking point was when a stable for the hearse was built...

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Doctor, I Think I Have Tennis Ebola

Doctor, I Think I Have Tennis Ebola Okay, I’ve resorted to dark humor to get your attention. It’s time for me to sit you down and have the ‘Ebola Talk’.  Now that a man lied on travel papers to get into the United States after having been exposed to the virus, the universal fear mongering has begun and my head is about to ‘splode. First, let’s talk about what Ebola actually is: Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever is a disease caused by infection of one of the five known Ebola strains. It is rare and it is deadly and while it...

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From Mississippi Burning to Missouri Burning

From Mississippi Burning to Missouri Burning Author’s note: This story is breaking from minute to minute. What I started out to write is turning into something completely different. I apologize if this seems somewhat rambling. It was just four short months ago that Americans had the distinct privilege of witnessing the showdown in Nevada between the Bureau of Land Management and Cliven Bundy. After more than two decades of the Feds having Bundy thumb his nose at the Government, they moved in to do what they had long promised: Seize his cattle and move him off lands to which...

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