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Anti-Trafficking Enforcement in U.S. is an Abysmal Failure

Anti-Trafficking Enforcement in U.S. is an Abysmal Failure It’s been over a decade since the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000 (TVPA) was passed into law, and a new report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics reveals that astonishingly little has been done since. The TVPA defines a human trafficking victim as A person induced to perform labor or a commercial sex act through force, fraud, or coercion [and] any person under age 18 who performs a commercial sex act. According to the report [PDF], federal task forces funded by the TVPA opened only 2,515 investigations of suspected incidents of human...

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Knowledge is Power! Protecting Children from Family Sexual Abusers

There is no profile for a family sexual abuser because they can be anyone. They can be charming, loving, good parents, good neighbours, good husbands or brothers or dads. They can be Christians, Buddhists, Muslims or Atheists. They can be talented, gifted, educated, poor, rich, old, young, good providers, and great members of community. They can also be our leaders in church, work, sports and government, but for this one thing that crosses all barriers of decency, trust and honour; and they cross it. There is an imbalance of power within the home or organisation and the child has...

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echo: a poetic journey into justice – bringing awareness to the horrors of sex trafficking

My name is Regina and I am a writer, a poet, a playwright, and a filmmaker. In 2009/2010 my play echo: a poetic journey into justice -which brings awareness to the horrors of sex trafficking – was staged in San Francisco and in Berkeley Ca. Echo looks at the similarities between past day African American slavery and modern day slavery…sex trafficking. In 2011 I decided to change Echo into a movie. In an attempt to stir the waters of support, I decided to create a short two-minute clip to garner interest in my movie project. After much “creative processing” I came up with the concept and put...

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Spread the Word…Kony: You Need to Know about This Monster

There is a man by the name of Joseph Kony. He is the head of the Lord’s Resistance Army and he abducts children in Uganda, gives them guns, and turns them into soldiers. He forces the boys to kill their families and the girls to become sex slaves. Over 60,000 children have been abducted and made into child soldiers in the past two decades. The other children in Uganda live in fear of being abducted by “the rebels”. That is where the organization, Invisible Children, has stepped in. For years they have been campaigning and spreading the word about...

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Polaris Project Supports South Carolina Lobby Day to End Human Trafficking!

Last year, members of Here Women Talk were able to rescue and save a victim from the bondage of human trafficking.  Now is a good time to carry forth and do even more for the state of South Carolina and the victims in our own backyard! Let those in our capital see that they must work to pass stronger legislation. Advocates against Human Trafficking in South Carolina are stepping up to lobby for tougher legislation in the state on Tuesday, January 24, 2012 in the state capital, Columbia, SC. Much has been written and discussed about human trafficking and now...

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:: Sacrifice::

You Laugh at the wounded You spread around lies You claim to be “annointed” There’s only darkness in your eyes You call yourself a “pastor” My friend your just a fool You tell everyone you loved me But my body was your tool “Man of God” I bind you May you not even hurt a few May your lies be your demise You can never turn back time   You called me your “whore” You called me your “slave” But “Honey” I’ll haunt you If I’m first to my grave You were never the hero But only the prey...

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