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Vandalism… Is It Always About Revenge?

Adults are disgusted when they encounter vandalism in public places…  It is often viewed as a form of moral degradation; acts of willful destruction “for the hell of it;” “young people gone wild” trying to project a sense of power….  And then there is graffiti and tagging as “an art form” in certain contexts.  However, when you examine the incidence and types of vandalism, a different picture may emerge.  Some researchers believe that all types of vandalism can be classified as revenge or “reactive aggression.”  Others disagree… The incidence of vandalism in the United States is in the millions. ...

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“Near Murder” by the Reverend Mother

A “scathingly brilliant idea” was the operative term for a wonderful movie said to be for adolescents… but really meant for adults as well, known as “The Trouble with Angels.”(Although Ladyjustice isn’t of the Catholic faith, she has a soft spot for movies set in the convent, as she formerly consulted as a speech pathologist in a school convent setting for a few years, “in a former life.”) Take a few veteran actresses, including Roslyn Russell, the flawless comedic timing of a young Hayley Mills and June Harding; mix in your local castle turned convent, add your standard yellow...

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Women ROCK!

  The wheels are always turning ….The mind never shuts off… It’s enough to drive others to distraction who know Ladyjustice best. But, hopefully, this is viewed in a good way. So they put up with her. Ladyjustice can and does laugh at herself all the time…in spite of all of the injustices imposed on her over the years. She also gently pokes fun at those she cares about most. It is a skill for others to accept this in a good natured way. LJ comes from a family of “teasers.” Don’t you know and love some people who...

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When Is the Right Time to Care?

  This question has bothered me for weeks and in light of the recent death of an HWT member, I have to ask; Why is it so hard to convince others to care about those who go missing and are murdered? Is it because unemployment in the United States is still at unprecedented numbers? Is it because family’s homes are being foreclosed? Is it because they don’t have enough food to eat? Are soldiers dying in Iraq and Afghanistan draining all of our resources and our will to keep up the fight? I don’t know… But I do know...

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“Houston, We Have a Problem”

Would YOU be capable of handling a real crisis on the phone? This writer is not sure, with all of her education, experience in dealing with patients, clients and victims/survivors, whether her knowledge and common sense would effectively apply in all situations. Could she do it? Could you?? According to the (Albert R Robert’s, Ph.D.) Seven Stage Crisis Intervention Model, one must: 1) Plan and conduct crisis and biopsychosocial assessment (including lethality measures); 2) Establish rapport and rapidly establish collaborative relationship; 3) Identify dimensions presenting problems(including the “last straw” or crisis precipitants; 4) Explore feelings and emotions (including active...

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Re-Victimization: “It Died in Committee”

Crime victims get used to the trials and tribulations that come with the role… They get used to the inconveniences, the disrespect.  However, the one arena in which major change can be affected, the arena that is like climbing Mount Everest on a bad weather day, is the legislative arena. Ladyjustice has spearheaded legislation twice.  One bill did not pass and the second passed partially, giving LJ the opportunity to be invited to the bill signing with former Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell.  (These bills were not crime victim related, but healthcare issues.)  The passage of crime victim related...

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