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“Bill Cosby: In His Heart- King of Comedy No More”

Were you brought up on Bill Cosby LP records as was Ladyjustice?  Do you remember the infamous, “To Russell, My Brother Whom I Slept With?” It was 1968, and the first album recorded in a large venue.  That record strikes fear in LJ’s heart when she recalls the refrain, “Don’t Tell Dad. Don’t Tell Dad, Don’t Tell Dad!”  Corporal punishment-as the “Big Bad Dad” appeared to be alive and well… and was “acceptable” in those days.  The sound effects and deep voice just got louder and louder. Ladyjustice can recall being scared in the same manner only watching the...

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“The Murder Business” (What’s Wrong with this Picture?)

What would people do or say when asked what we do for a living…or for our passion… when we replied that, “We are in the business of murder”?? I can see it now… Little old ladies would run the other way. College professors would immediately have a puzzled look and little kids would scream! Yikes! We’re only telling the truth in the most concise way. ‘No big deal…. Or is it? Is it our job to make them feel comfortable and do our jobs too? No! However, it takes so long to explain precisely what we do…no matter what...

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“Judge Whatchamacallit” on TV

As if we crime victims don’t have enough problems with real judges in the courtroom… TV viewers are served up a daily dose of “reality judges” for entertainment purposes and hopefully a smidgen of education in the process. LadyJustice is at a slight disadvantage here, as she has not had the opportunity to view all of the judge shows, because she is always working a real job when they are aired.  No problem… she has viewed some of them and conducted her own “unscientific research” with a large dose of opinion (Which she never lacks…). Judge Judith Sheindlin: Ladyjustice is very...

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The Part II Seven (Wonder)fuls of the World: In Life…and as it pertains to the Justice System

When  the justice system fails miserably, people of courage make it right! In Life: Sharing your most trying experiences with others will set you free of  shouldering the burden alone and could change other’s lives in the future. Regardless of the nature of your problem, even if you are a private person by nature;  seeking out an objective person to hear you out and to offer advice may be your best medicine toward healing.   The chosen one should  not your “best girlfriend,” as she will often tell you what you want to hear and say whatever to avoid conflict...

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When Courage Partners with Justice…. Wonderful Things Happen!

  Justice comes in many forms…  When it comes, whether in small doses or as a matter of significance, it is frequently precipitated by acts of courage.  This writer has the utmost respect for those who have demonstrated acts of courage in their pursuit of justice.  When courage is linked with justice, it can be for a personal cause or “for the greater good” as a means of helping others to open the door for change. Here are but two cases- one recent and one considerably less recent, but no less impressive! A recent case for the pairing of...

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Liberty and Justice for All

  This writer has a million examples of liberty and justice compiled over a long period of time. My blog is a microcosm of such examples written about over a year’s time. Ladyjustice will provide  a short list of such examples below,  focusing in on the Liberty and Justice part, in hopes that others may be interested in reading more…. LIBERTY:  Bengali women are now able to escape human trafficking since their pre-teen years by learning job skills and making handicrafts to earn real wages versus the degradation of the sex trade. JUSTICE: Pobitra, a job training program and...

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