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6 Tips for Budding Women Entrepreneurs

6 Tips for Budding Women Entrepreneurs An increasing number of women are leaving their jobs these days- not to stay at home and be housewives or stay-at-home moms, but to be their own boss! With over 7.8 million women-owned businesses in the United States, you sure have a lot of company if you’re planning to leave your job in favor of owning your own business. Of course, starting a business is no child’s play and one has to be prepared to work a lot harder to see one’s business succeed. Don’t let this scare you; if you do the...

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Breaking the Mold of Motherhood

Breaking the Mold of Motherhood I can still see the look of shock on an acquaintance’s face when they discovered I was a mother.  “Where is your son?” they asked me, quizzically… seeming completely confused by the fact that no toys lined my kitchen floor. “He lives with his Dad in Canada” I responded… waiting to see if they would repeat the common look of surprise and discomfort that accompanies this reply. Sure enough, there it was.  Confusion. Mind Boggled.  Not quite sure what to say. Now I’ve been through this many times and it has become one of...

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Decoding the Style of Famous Women Entrepreneurs and Business Magnates

Decoding the Style of Famous Women Entrepreneurs They came, they saw, they conquered! Incredible intelligence, distinctive personalities and sharp foresight make these women dynamic leaders, hard-core go-getters, and forces to reckon with in their areas of expertise. Their professional skills are lauded everywhere, they make it to the most powerful lists consistently, and they are front-page news. However their reason for recall here is not their professional excellence, but their fashion-forward, chic and classy sartorial choices. Let us peek into the style of these true epitomes of power dressing from different walks of life. Marissa Mayer Yahoo’s new CEO turns heads wherever she goes and whatever she does whether with becoming the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company or figuring in Fortune Magazine’s “America’s Most Powerful Businesswomen list’” year after year, or simply with her inimitable style that blends classic elements with the maverick. A self-confessed fashionista, she passed a statement in 2008 that delighted corporate-suit women all across the globe: “For women you never have enough excuses to wear great shoes.” Oscar de la Renta, Alexander McQueen, Carolina Herrera and Naeem Khan are her favorite designers. Reinventing corporate chic, she stands out with her feminine choices of printed dresses with cardigan for day-wear and fun and fashion-forward silhouette gowns for formal occasions clearly showing that tech and power- women can be just as fiercely fashion-conscious and experimental....

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Are Your Actions Working to Help You Succeed?

Are Your Actions Working to Help You Succeed? Wow!  I keep discovering new things.  When I was a kid I thought people over the age of 65 knew who they were “period end of sentence” (as a friend of mine would say).  How wrong I was!  Parents often tell kids, “Listen to Grandma! She’s older and she’s lived. She knows what to do!” I now know that although Grandma may have known how to do many, many, many things – she may not have had the best answer for every decision five year old Me needed to make. She...

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Say YES To YOU-Allow Yourself Special Online Chat Minutes

Allow Yourself Special Online Chat Minutes I’ve mentioned that answering emails in the morning has been found to take up precious needed time from who tend to nurture others before nurturing themselves. That said, there are moments online that can really add to your life. We didn’t have any knowledge of cyberspace when I was growing up. We didn’t even have phones with answering machines. You had to be home when the call came in to know a call came in.  Allow yourself chat minutes! How blessed we are now to be able to communicate with people we know...

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Can You Make Money Buying Foreclosures at Auction?

Can You Make Money Buying Foreclosures at Auction? Can You Make Money Buying Foreclosures at Auction? Yes. I’ve done it. I help other people do it. But also, you can get burned quickly if you don’t know what you’re doing. Even seasoned investors make grave errors. Every state and county are different, but certain rules apply no matter where you are. Look at the property. Sounds elementary, right? You’d be surprised how many investors bid at auction without ever seeing the real estate. And it would shock you to see the insides of some of these houses and condos....

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