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A City Under the Magnifying Glass

A City Under the Magnifying Glass How to enjoy a weekend in Leeds… With city breaks being so popular these days, there’s absolutely no reason why anyone should overlook one of the most culturally exciting cities in the whole of the UK. From some of the most glamorous bars in the north of England, right through to some of the most idyllic, cosmopolitan cafes, Leeds really is one of the best places in the North of England to head off with your lady friends. Without further a-do, here are some of the great places to visit in the great...

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Drama in the Theatre…Live! The Colin Lively Show, Fri., Aug. 24th 2pm EDT

Saving The Slave! The once famed civil rights epicenter is up for auction, and Sarah Wolff, with her 501 (c) 3, New Brooklyn Theatre, are trying to save it. The Slave Theater became a Brooklyn civil rights landmark in the early 1980s, when community activists like Al Sharpton and Alton Maddox came to the political foreground during rallies at the theater, and racial tensions in New York City were running high. Now it sits empty, but not devoid of history. The history held therein is not something we should just tear down and let fall out of sight because all...

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Sheepshead Bay Boulevard – Week Seven!

“The breath-taking anecdotal accounts of Max and his disgraced whoresery hosiery designer, Nora, are nothing short of pure delusion.” — Elana Kowalski, The Fallacyville Review Welcome to The Colin Lively Radio Theater. Today, we are having our 7th episode in our 13 part series of Sheepshead Bay Boulevard . When we last visited Nora Redmond and her loyal servant and enabler, Max von Schtick, they had just discovered who the Bushy Headed Stranger was pacing back and forth and back and forth in front of the once palatial but now decrepit mansion of Miss Nora Redmond. After being apprehended by...

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3 Things Your Car Does Not Need

For any new driver, one of the most important things to learn is basic car maintenance. With the high prices at your local garage, you don’t want to have to take your car there for even the most simple of adjustments. It’s also worth bearing in mind that everyday maintenance techniques can avoid the need for major repairs later in some cases.   Checking and topping up fluids is one vital element of maintaining a car but you should be careful about some of the claims that are made. Some car spares outlets will try to sell you additives and parts that are not necessary. Here are three of the products that you should look out for.   Fuel Additives Manufacturers of these products tend to make very ambitious claims with regard to how more fuel efficient these additives can make your car. They’ll tell you that many miles per litre can be added and that you’ll save money even after the initial cost.   In reality, tests on these additives have shown little in the way of improvements, particularly when it comes to dealing with engine knocking – one of the issues that these products claim to tackle effectively. The truth is that if you happen to experience engine knocking then you should have your vehicle looked at by a qualified mechanic. Regular maintenance and attention to these...

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A Review: Sheepshead Bay Boulevard

A Review:  Sheepshead Bay Boulevard “Judy Stadt is nothing short of genius in her creation of SHEEPSHEAD BAY BOULEVARD. This is the must listen show of 2012. There hasn’t been a radio show this exciting since The Whistler and The Shadow Knows. I cancel car pooling so that I won’t miss a single episode” — Marguerite Jablonski of the Flint Morning Fib And this email came in just today: “Colin, I am simply speechless . Your Max is like nothing I have ever heard in my life . There is an arresting quality to the whole show, Sheepshead Bay Boulevard . It is just like the radio shows of my youth and even has the static, just like the old days. Susie Sexton is in a league of her own with a voice one can never forget .” — signed Anonymous. I want to applaud Susie Sexton for her role as Nora Redmond, collector of dead ferrets.  Her performance is unreal. She plays the eccentric and somewhat cracked character as if it were written especially for her. Judy Stadt, creator who plays all the extra character parts is the finest character actor since Dame Mae Whitty or Guy Kibbee.  She is a talent beyond all others and even Meryl Streep can not come up with as many personae and world accents. ____________ This week the true identity of The...

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Geraldine Visco on this week’s show.

Saturday night, New York City will be celebrating Geraldine Winifred Visco’s Birthday Party. It’s one of the hot social events of the season. And on this week’s show, Gerry is stopping by The Colin Lively Show with a special performance. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my best friends, and NYC’s favorite party girl. About Gerry Visco Join the Gerry Party! Gerry Visco is fabulous. She’s living the fun life in the fast lane illegally blonde and at large on the Upper East Side of New York City after years of causing trouble on the Upper West Side. She toils...

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