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Home Renovation from an Insurance Agent’s Viewpoint

Home Renovation from an Insurance Agent’s Viewpoint When we begin planning our home renovations, we are careful to take into account interior design, budget, schedule, contractor references, etc., but are we as careful when we think about how our insurance will be impacted? Probably not. It’s not as interesting, and frankly, it isn’t the first thing you think about when you consider renovations. According to insurance specialist Scott Spencer, writer for Insurance Journal, homeowners should take just as much time considering their insurance coverage as they do their interior design or budget. This is especially true when the renovation involves hiring outside help, changing the structure of the home, or adding on square footage. These activities all involve some measure of risk which savvy homeowners will protect themselves against. Protect against fire For one, did you know that a third of all house fires happen when contractors do work on a home? It isn’t something you can protect against, but it is something you can prepare for, which is why additional insurance might be purchased to cover damage done by contractors or in the course of construction. Bodily injury Spencer mentioned other hazards, including, “Bodily injury liabilities from nosy neighbors venturing onto the property and then tripping over equipment or building materials.” You might also think about “invited friends and guests, including people making deliveries to the house.” Damage...

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Genetically Modified Foods – Don’t Poison Yourself!

Genetically Modified Foods – Don’t Poison Yourself! I suspect the information in this column might come as a surprise to you, as most Americans have no idea what GMOs are, and why they are so dangerous to our well-being. What are GMOs anyway? Genetically Modified Organisms are created when genes from one species, such as bacteria, viruses or humans, are forced into the DNA of another crop, or even into animals to produce new traits. This relatively new technology is becoming more and more widespread as chemical companies like Monsanto are creating new strains of DNA altered seeds and...

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Thought for Today

Thought for Today A Thought. I kind of like this word.  It means the action or process of thinking.  Synonyms being thinking, contemplation, musing, pondering, consideration, reflection, introspection, deliberation, concentration, etc. Just the other day I had a thought about what the most important elements are for survival.  A reflective moment, if you will.  I had been without water in my home for over 24 hours.  I’ve experienced being without heat and electricity for longer periods, but never without water for a long period of time.   I was most thankful for bottled water during my water outage, and I had a place to go for a shower. An hour after restoring water while sitting at the kitchen table having dinner, I sat for an extra 10 minutes thinking about what items people could really live without for an extended period of time.  If you think about it for a moment…years ago people didn’t have electricity or solar power in order to keep warm or cook.   They had to rely on a wood stove or fireplace for heat and some other light source for reading. So the one item we cannot live without is water.  We need it to survive!  We drink it, cook with it, and clean with it.  So the thought/reminder I’d like to share is:  be good to our planet.  The day may come when do not have a water...

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The 3 Best Vegetables to Grow in your Greenhouse

The 3 Best Vegetables to Grow in your Greenhouse As food prices continue to rise it is becoming more popular throughout the UK for people to grow their very own food.Although the convenience of getting your own food from the supermarket is tough to beat, there’s nothing nicer than tending to your own garden and later digging down to your own, succulent produce. Whether you do it in your small patio greenhouse or fully fledged Hartley Botanic masterpiece, the world really can be your oyster. With that in mind however, which are the best foods to grow if you...

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Save Money and the Environment With LED Lighting In Your Home!

Led Lighting There have always been compelling environmental and financial reasons not to waste energy, but with electricity bills rising and green policies becoming more central, re-thinking energy use in the home is vital. In winter, households often have the lights on for many hours during the day, which can make lighting an important part of everyday electricity use. In addition, many homes have more lights installed in them than in the past, particularly in bathrooms and kitchens, where high-output spotlights have become increasingly popular. More people are working from home, which is another reason why lights tend to...

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Johnson and Johnson – A Diabolical Company!

Johnson and Johnson – A Diabolical Company! For years I’ve been warning people to avoid any products manufactured by Johnson & Johnson. They have been getting away with selling CARCINOGENIC BABY OIL for decades. Yes, you read it right… carcinogenic! READ THE LABEL. It’s Mineral Oil, a petroleum distillate, a proven carcinogen. Uninformed parents throughout America have been using this baby oil on their children for as long as I can remember. No parent would knowingly endanger the lives of their children, IF THEY KNEW! The problem is that they don’t know. It boggles the mind that Johnson &...

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