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Affordable Dry Cleaning Ideas For Party Dress

Affordable Dry Cleaning Ideas For Party Dress At Home Gotten an expensive party gown to last you with the month of joyful drinking, canape-gobbling and (OK, let’s admit it) maybe a little vomit-stained taxi trips residence? You’re most likely not alone. But the worst part of upgrading your event wardrobe is realising that the label on that new outfit says “completely dry tidy”, and also you’re now firmly in the ‘skint’ little pre-Christmas. Well, with a bit of resourcefulness as well as effort, you can save on your own a significant dry cleaning bill.   Image courtesy: Party Dress...

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Home Renovation from an Insurance Agent’s Viewpoint

Home Renovation from an Insurance Agent’s Viewpoint When we begin planning our home renovations, we are careful to take into account interior design, budget, schedule, contractor references, etc., but are we as careful when we think about how our insurance will be impacted? Probably not. It’s not as interesting, and frankly, it isn’t the first thing you think about when you consider renovations. According to insurance specialist Scott Spencer, writer for Insurance Journal, homeowners should take just as much time considering their insurance coverage as they do their interior design or budget. This is especially true when the renovation involves hiring outside help, changing the structure of the home, or adding on square footage. These activities all involve some measure of risk which savvy homeowners will protect themselves against. Protect against fire For one, did you know that a third of all house fires happen when contractors do work on a home? It isn’t something you can protect against, but it is something you can prepare for, which is why additional insurance might be purchased to cover damage done by contractors or in the course of construction. Bodily injury Spencer mentioned other hazards, including, “Bodily injury liabilities from nosy neighbors venturing onto the property and then tripping over equipment or building materials.” You might also think about “invited friends and guests, including people making deliveries to the house.” Damage...

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6 Easy Ways to Style Your Outdoor Living Areas

6 Easy Ways to Style Your Outdoor Living Areas We focus a lot on our homes and interiors. Every holiday season we give them a spruce-up, bring in new elements, and decorate them to the best of our ability and imagination. We do keep our porches, patios, front yards, backyards, decks, and balconies clean, but don’t really put a lot of thought into how we can enliven those spaces. The outdoor sitting areas are rarely on the top of our minds. And that is a crying shame because these hold so much potential to make our homes look stunning. Here are six ways to add oodles of personality to your outdoor living areas. Deck it up With Lace Curtains How do you like your porch? Vast and open so that you can soak in the sun and enjoy the wind without any obstructions? Or do you like it to be shaded in places so that it can make for a great sitting area, especially when the elements are in full swing? Curtains can accomplish so much. They can shade you from the sun, enhance the aesthetic appeal of your porch or patio, as well as look stunningly beautiful. We’d suggest thin lace curtains in summery colors (depending on the season, and also where you live). Yellow and lilac come to mind immediately. Let them flow in the breeze, or...

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Five Cheap Tricks to Freshen up Your Home

Five Cheap Tricks to Freshen up Your Home With Summer now just a precious few weeks away, it is perhaps time to start looking at ways to embrace what is left of Spring and freshen up the home for a brand new season. But if you happen to be on a budget, where is the best place to start? Paint Your Front Door The front door really is a gateway to your world and should be inviting at all times of the year, so there’s no better place to start than the front door to your home. There are of course a wide range of finishes for your door and personally, I prefer semi-gloss. If you fancy painting your internal doors, that’s great too! Here is a handy door painting guide by Oakwood Doors. Distress your furniture One of the most popular décor styles right now is rusticism, and the great thing about this particular style is that it doesn’t cost much, if anything at all to achieve. By simply getting your old coffee table, showing it some love and care and then distressing it with a little fine-grit sand paper, you can achieve a marvellous antiqued look for your home in a matter of hours. Here is a great ten step guide to distressing your average chest of drawers! Embrace the green There’s nothing nicer than bringing a...

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National Home Improvement Month

National Home Improvement Month – What should you Spend your money on? May is National Home Improvement month. But, if you’re like the average homeowner, it’s hard to decide exactly which of the many home improvements you should invest in. Read the list below to find out what improvements will return on the investment. Bathroom: There are many quick solutions for bathroom areas. To completely change the look of a room think about switching flooring to an easily installed laminate. Back splashes are also very trendy this year. Home improvement stores offer a lot of easy to install options that can be purchased for very reasonable prices. Adding shelving and storage can also set your bathrooms apart from the rest. Simple over the toilet cabinets and shelving units are quick fixes for a lack of storage space issues. Each of these improvement options can double to triple your ROI. Kitchen: Complete kitchen makeovers can cost you serious cash. Consider instead just giving your garage a small  face lift. Painting cabinets a different color or replacing just the front panel of appliances are great ways to to make this area of your home look more aesthetically  pleasing. Such investments can also increase the value of your home, since the kitchen in a major selling point for many buyers. When looking to spend a little more on the renovation, consider switching...

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6 Ways That Glass Can Feature In Your Interiors

6 Ways That Glass Can Feature In Your Interiors Interior design is a topic in which we all have a little interest. Whether it’s a passion of ours or something we consider for just a few weeks a year, an awareness of the components which come together to form great interior design ideas is essential to create a pleasant environment within our homes. One of the most important factors which plays a role in our interior design ideas is material. Here, we take a look at glass and how it can feature in our homes to create a more attractive and inviting atmosphere. Why Use Glass? Glass is becoming an increasingly popular material inside the home. One of the main reasons for this is that it is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Not only can glass be used for a huge number of household items, from tables to balustrades, but it is always able to appear unobtrusive. Glass is a modern and affordable option which can fit in with almost every style, from the traditional to the ultra-modern. Here, we take a look at six possible uses for glass within the home. 1. Staircases As this piece in the Telegraph makes clear, a staircase can make a home. Glass might not be the first material which springs to mind when thinking of a staircase but in reality it can...

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