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The Market for Hope ~ Self-Help for Women

The Market for Hope ~ Self-Help for Women It’s always concerned me that there are so many self-help books for women. Women Who Love Too Much, The Anger Workbook for Women, The Courage to Be Yourself, Woman’s Journey to Her Self, A Woman’s Guide to Changing Patterns, How to Find a Man… … women are the main market for “hope,” delivered through books, seminars, Facebook and the web. Far, far fewer of these products aimed at men exist. Why is that? Instead of being more in touch with ourselves than men, are we less in touch? Are women more hope-less than...

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You may feel a little pressure here! Love addict Part 4

You may feel a little pressure here!   It takes little effort to rattle off a list of reasons why it would be enjoyable to have a partner.  In fact if I timed you at 60 seconds I’m positive you could come up with at least 15 benefits of having a partner in your life right now. That is great! Now think of that list again. How many of those benefits only touch the surface of what a relationship should consist of? A vital part of dating is taking the time to understand why you have chosen to date...

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Love Addiction Part 3 The Overdose

Take a Deep Breath! Being single is NOT a disease nor is it this unshakeable cloud hovering over your doorstep. You don’t have a bull’s-eye on your back or a red X on your front. It is NOT assumed by couples you are single as a result of some inability and certainly your current single status is NOT what defines your future relationship status. What it does signify is your persistence to relate to another person who is suited for you and to not pass the time by hooking up with someone you know is not a match for...

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What Type of Love Addict Are You? Part 2

Say AAAHHHH! Entering the dating game can be tricky when you have been absent from it for some time. The rules have definitely changed.  Just as technology has evolved so has dating. Some have incorporated tactics of the dating movement into their single lives and some are immovable, unwilling to embrace change. Unfortunately as in some cases of people vs technology, single people have decided to stand still waiting for time to travel backwards to “The Way We Were”.  As a single person you must learn to refine your strategies and improve your techniques. Let’s continue with today’s love...

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What Type of Love Addict Are you?

Time for a Check-Up! Being single is not always easy. In fact it can be downright hard at times. As a single person have you noticed you’re one extreme or the other?  What I mean is either you feel like The only way to never feel rejected by love again is to stay away from love altogether or You feel like the only way to find true love is to go all in with everything you have It can be difficult to find a middle ground where you don’t feel discouraged or scared but you also don’t feel out...

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The Soundtrack to Your Divorce: How Music Can Help During a Separation

Music is a powerful medium. It can trigger emotions and bring back memories, causing both laughter and tears. The power behind music is one of the reasons that it can be so useful during stressful times, such as when you are getting divorced. It can help you relive the good times, mull over the bad times and release emotions you’d otherwise bottle up. Music has the power to console you through all the stages of a divorce.   Transfer Your Emotions Tracks such as Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Go Your Own Way’ or Alanis Morrisette’s ‘You Oughta Know’ have lyrics raw with emotion that you can transfer to your ex-partner, either with regret or anger depending on how you feel at the time of listening. That’s another of music’s effects: at different times it has different meanings and the lyrics deliver new messages.   Even the sound of the music, whether it’s soft and sensual or loud with a driving beat can help to channel the strong emotions felt during a divorce. Songs such as ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ by Joy Division or ‘Crown of Love’ by Arcade Fire provide a connection to the rest of humanity and prove that others have also felt the heartache of broken relationships and loves lost. While family law solicitors in Leeds and other cities can give you the practical advice and guidance you...

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