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My Tips for Keeping the Kids Safe Outdoors

My Tips for Keeping the Kids Safe Outdoors I’m starting to make plans the summer, trying to be as organised as one can be with 2 small children. Every year we have certain local outdoor events that we like to go to when the weather is fair, so usually plan our schedules around these. In particularly we enjoy festivals, but a bad experience last year where it all got too busy has left me feeling overcautious. I almost talked myself out of going to one of our favourite events this year, but instead I decided that I would look...

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Living with History – What Are Your Roots?

Living with History – What Are Your Roots? Our lives are defined by our history. By the time we reach midlife, we can tell our story in a few sentences, summing up the most important things for a new acquaintance pretty quickly: “I grew up in Great Neck, New York, moved to Sherman Oaks, California at 15, college in San Diego, married my husband at 27. Two kids by 30. Worked as a retail buyer and manager, but opted to stay at home and raise my kids. Now I’m a blogger and about to turn 50. If only it...

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Is It Okay for Gays to Raise Children?

Is It Okay for Gays to Raise Children? Watch and Decide Many people wonder if it’s morally right or healthy for same-sex couples (gays or lesbians) to have children. It’s a common belief among many people that gay or lesbian couples are burdening children by raising them in an unnatural environment.  In this video, uploaded February 3, 2011, 19-year-old Zach Wahls, a University of Iowa student, tells about the love and bond of his family. He and his sister are the children of a lesbian couple. Watch and decide.  What do you think? Originally posted November 30, 2011...

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You Be The Judge

You Be The Judge Next to deceit, judging others is possibly the worst of all human flaws.  Everyone is a judge, yes, including me.  What if we step outside of ourselves for a moment and analyze what makes us do so?  Some people judge others as a reflection of their own shortcomings to further create a smokescreen for the same thing they are judging others about.  There is a saying when you point a finger at someone, three fingers point back at you. If we truly look deep within ourselves, we don’t only see our strong traits but our...

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Who You Were, Are, and Will Be

Who You Were, Are, and Will Be Self-reflection is something I believe extremely important and often under-utilized.  The question I pose is this: Have you taken the time to think about your beliefs and values and then compared them to those you held in your teens?  Furthermore, have you examined what has changed about you and your beliefs or how your perspective has changed since you were a teen? The reason that I pose this question is that I think it is very important to see the differences in things that teens and adults place value or belief in.  Obviously, as a teen...

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Autistic Child Graduates as Salutatorian–How He Did It

When Eric Duquette from Smithfield, Rhode Island came into this world, his parents were told he had Autism and would probably end up in an institution. His parents thought otherwise.  He didn’t speak a word until he was five. Undeterred, every day his mom and dad focused on teaching him just ten words, sometimes for up to eight hours a day. They even taught him sign language as a supplement. In June 2010, Eric graduated high school as Salutatorian. In his memorable commencement speech (video below), he said he had been accepted into every institution of higher learning he...

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