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The Cycles of Friendship – “Thanks for Stopping By”

The Cycles of Friendship – “Thanks for Stopping By…” Over the last 4 years I have experienced some of the biggest, bad ass and yet most bountiful shifts in my life. I left a marriage… and found my self. I lost close friends…. and opened to new family. I dumped definitions…. and fell in love with my no labels no veils sublimely naked spirit. And in the end I came home… to me. Through this experience of floating in a sea of change (learning to not attempt to swim upstream against the current of the cosmos), one of the...

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This is very similar to last month’s post about accentuating the positive (Johnny Mercer)- it just goes even further because, I’ve made progress in this area. When I mention seeing “good” in my life right now, I realize I’ve made up what “good” is. Now I’m working on defining what happy is not based on what I’ve been taught. My eyes are opening to the truth that Happy just is. I (you) can be happy anywhere at any time. It’s my (your) choice. To make the record clear: I have no license to be an analyst. I had a...

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Say “YES” When Lovely Gifts Are Offered

“It is better to give than to receive.” I remember hearing this statement hundreds of times when I was a child. I heard it said by teachers, “wise people” in the community, rabbis, priests, movie stars and news reporters on the radio and then TV.  I have a feeling that I wasn’t the only child that interpreted those words as meaning you weren’t such a good child if you let people buy or give you things – that you were a little “less than” if you accepted gifts too easily. You should be the “Giver”.  Of course it was...

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Five Hundred Lunches and Counting

I’ve been having lunch with the same three women nearly every week for the past 12-15 years, depending on which of us you ask. We have all known each other for longer than that, and our lunches began innocuously enough – four friends from the same community getting together to chat and share some gossip. None of us imagined that our weekly lunches would become a treasured and important part of our lives, an appointment we rarely miss and always look forward to, saving good and not-so-good news to share over a bowl of pho or a barbecue chicken...

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“Say YES To You & Others During the Storm.”

I never thought I’d be singing the song “You’ll Never Walk Alone” while looking outside the window of my neighbor’s fifth floor apartment, which is located next to mine, in a lovely apartment building just off the East River in Manhattan.  I was using Oscar Hammerstein’s lyrics to calm us as we saw waves pummeling up our street. “When you walk through a storm hold your head up high and don’t be afraid of the dark!”  I think of those lyrics and the tears fill my eyes. His lyrics (with Richard Rodger’s melodies and, in Show Boat, Jerome Kern’s...

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