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Geraldine Visco on this week’s show.

Saturday night, New York City will be celebrating Geraldine Winifred Visco’s Birthday Party. It’s one of the hot social events of the season. And on this week’s show, Gerry is stopping by The Colin Lively Show with a special performance. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my best friends, and NYC’s favorite party girl. About Gerry Visco Join the Gerry Party! Gerry Visco is fabulous. She’s living the fun life in the fast lane illegally blonde and at large on the Upper East Side of New York City after years of causing trouble on the Upper West Side. She toils...

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Dating Mommies and Daddies When You Have No Children

Dating Mechanic, In the past I have always had a firm rule of not dating men with baby mammas because it carries way too much drama that I just don’t want to deal with but recently I began dating a man who has a six year old. I’m having second thoughts about creating a relationship with him. The mom seems to be fine with the fact that I am dating her ex and wants us to “be friends”. She’s never asked me out for coffee or anything but it makes me feel uncomfortable to think of her in that...

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How Mom Can Help Make Father Daughter Relationships a Priority

There are so many women who have not had the opportunity to grow up with their father. Being one of those women I was delighted to share my thoughts at Norfolk State University yesterday as a panelist for their discussion titled, “My Daughter and Her Dad: Strategies to facilitate a relationship between daughters and fathers when the parent’s relationship have dissolved” As a single parent, women may feel pressured by the father’s absence to play the role of both mom and dad but a father’s love can never be substituted. No matter how hard a woman tries to compensate...

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“You Yell Out a Loud “ME! I’ll Do That!” Do You Know Why You’re Volunteering?”

Are you volunteering to give money or your time or expertise to someone’s project due to fear you’ll hurt feelings? Is it because you’re using it to network for business? Do You Truly Care About The Project or Group? This Is quite similar to last weeks column in the respect that I’ve learned to ask myself as I now ask myself when I’m aware I’m making any choice – whether the action I’m choosing to take is based on fear rather than intelligence. This topic, however, has an added element to consider. I think by now you know I’m...

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What is the Crazy Bitch Society??!?

The Crazy Bitch Society acknowledges, appreciates and seeks to unite women: the feisty homemaking single ladies who love being single and the exhausted under-appreciated wives, the free-thinking bitches with a dream and younger women just coming into their own with a bit of uncommon knowledge: and teach them that being a Crazy Bitch is NOT a state of mind…it is a way of life and you must OWN IT. It is acknowledging that women should share far more life experiences with one another, instead of focusing on what divides us. It is believing that all women should have the...

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Giving Sound Advice? Your Friendship May Depend On It

Alasha, My best friend and her fiancé have been together for a few years now and they are finally ready to tie the knot. She wants a big wedding but he would rather buy a house. Being married to my husband for almost a decade now I tried to sit her down and persuade her to yield to what her husband is trying to build for them and to consider what a lavish one day event would mean versus the security of a home. She thinks I am taking her fiancés side and we have been at odds ever...

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