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This is very similar to last month’s post about accentuating the positive (Johnny Mercer)- it just goes even further because, I’ve made progress in this area. When I mention seeing “good” in my life right now, I realize I’ve made up what “good” is. Now I’m working on defining what happy is not based on what I’ve been taught. My eyes are opening to the truth that Happy just is. I (you) can be happy anywhere at any time. It’s my (your) choice. To make the record clear: I have no license to be an analyst. I had a...

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Say “YES” When Lovely Gifts Are Offered

“It is better to give than to receive.” I remember hearing this statement hundreds of times when I was a child. I heard it said by teachers, “wise people” in the community, rabbis, priests, movie stars and news reporters on the radio and then TV.  I have a feeling that I wasn’t the only child that interpreted those words as meaning you weren’t such a good child if you let people buy or give you things – that you were a little “less than” if you accepted gifts too easily. You should be the “Giver”.  Of course it was...

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The Market for Hope ~ Self-Help for Women

It’s always concerned me that there are so many self-help books for women. Women Who Love Too Much, The Anger Workbook for Women, The Courage to Be Yourself, Woman’s Journey to Her Self, A Woman’s Guide to Changing Patterns, How to Find a Man… … women are the main market for “hope,” delivered through books, seminars, Facebook and the web. Far, far fewer of these products aimed at men exist. Why is that? Instead of being more in touch with ourselves than men, are we less in touch? Are women more hope-less than men? Do women have more time to consider these...

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Powerful Mindset And Steps To Get Over A Breakup

Powerful Mindset And Steps To Get Over A Breakup Why it’s called breakup? Because something in the relationship is broken.  Going through the breakup is hard but can’t be avoided. In this article, I will share an important mind set and 7 steps you can take to make the recovery easier. I will also introduce the ultimate goal of recovering from a breakup. You may find other places taking about how to get over a breakup, but I rarely see anywhere introduce the concept of mind set. Why mind set? As we all know how powerful mind set can...

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Discover Why Do Men Cheat and Reasons Behind It

When it comes to men and relationships, one such question that gets thrown around among women is ‘why do men cheat’?  This question has been thrown around in many conversations among women for the past few years but it seems that the question is as fresh as ever. And even though there are reports of infidelities initiated by a woman (think of the high-profile love affair of Kirsten Stewart with her director), still the concept of cheating is always attributed by default to men. So what makes men cheat? Well there are a number of researches, articles and studies...

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