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What Happens When the Truth Isn’t the Truth?

What Happens When the Truth Isn’t the Truth? On a cold winter’s day, holding a hot chocolate, I was leaving the library when I came across two elderly people in the parking lot.  I began to observe their responses toward one another.  Clearly they must have been in their eighties.  I observed the warmth and the love they had for one another, yet I wanted to learn more.  I wanted to learn more about human relationships. Since I work with clients through Clinical Hypnosis, I wanted to broaden my quest for understanding what I was watching.  I proceeded to...

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The Market for Hope ~ Self-Help for Women

The Market for Hope ~ Self-Help for Women It’s always concerned me that there are so many self-help books for women. Women Who Love Too Much, The Anger Workbook for Women, The Courage to Be Yourself, Woman’s Journey to Her Self, A Woman’s Guide to Changing Patterns, How to Find a Man… … women are the main market for “hope,” delivered through books, seminars, Facebook and the web. Far, far fewer of these products aimed at men exist. Why is that? Instead of being more in touch with ourselves than men, are we less in touch? Are women more hope-less than...

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Powerful Mindset And Steps To Get Over A Breakup

Powerful Mindset And Steps To Get Over A Breakup Why it’s called breakup? Because something in the relationship is broken.  Going through the breakup is hard but can’t be avoided. In this article, I will share an important mind set and 7 steps you can take to make the recovery easier. I will also introduce the ultimate goal of recovering from a breakup. You may find other places taking about how to get over a breakup, but I rarely see anywhere introduce the concept of mind set. Why mind set? As we all know how powerful mind set can...

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Discover Why Do Men Cheat and Reasons Behind It

When it comes to men and relationships, one such question that gets thrown around among women is ‘why do men cheat’?  This question has been thrown around in many conversations among women for the past few years but it seems that the question is as fresh as ever. And even though there are reports of infidelities initiated by a woman (think of the high-profile love affair of Kirsten Stewart with her director), still the concept of cheating is always attributed by default to men. So what makes men cheat? Well there are a number of researches, articles and studies...

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5 Libido Boosting Tips

If you go to the movies, take a walk through the local shopping centre or turn on the television, you’ll probably think that everyone’s sex life is a darn sight better than yours. Holding hands, kissing in public and all-round romanticism is all the rage everywhere you look – so what’s holding you back? Well, in the real world, our sex lives are all but raging. The grind of the 9-5 leaves many of us stressed and tired from work, and whenever we’re not in the office we’re sleeping off the late nights we do spend catching up on work. Even when we do get a few moments of peace and quiet, they’re used for relaxation and to catch up on the mountains of washing we leave piled up in our kitchens – there just isn’t any time to socialise. This leaves inadequate opportunities for instant gratification, much of which is short lived and a long way from the hours of lovemaking we all aspire to master. If we look back to our youthful teens and early twenties, the endless hours of sexual activity seemed to absorb an entire summer, and yet we still found time to study and work our part-time jobs. The Summer of 69 So what’s changed? Most of us would agree that our university or college days were pretty dam stressful, but there was always...

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You may feel a little pressure here! Love addict Part 4

You may feel a little pressure here!   It takes little effort to rattle off a list of reasons why it would be enjoyable to have a partner.  In fact if I timed you at 60 seconds I’m positive you could come up with at least 15 benefits of having a partner in your life right now. That is great! Now think of that list again. How many of those benefits only touch the surface of what a relationship should consist of? A vital part of dating is taking the time to understand why you have chosen to date...

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