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It’s Your Teen: Compassion

Bruises.  Emotional scars.  Depression.  Self-loathing.  Black eyes.  Shame.  Educating about Teen Dating Violence is a messy business.  No matter what, no matter how early I catch a child, I still meet victims.  They are either secondary victims of domestic violence in their household or they have already been a victim of teen dating violence.  The youngest that I spoke with was 10.  Her elementary school boyfriend shoved her for talking to her friends at recess instead of him.   I know that the key to ending domestic violence and teen dating violence is combining reaction with pro-action.  We, as a...

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Listening to Your Teen

In my talks with teens, I have learned one valuable lesson. Teens are smart and savvy. They know more than most adults give them credit for. They just might not know how to convey it. Yes, most adults know more about life and have much more experience than a teen. That goes without saying. But, teens see and know lots of things that adults seem to forget or don’t give them credit for. We all tend to hear what we want to hear. That is a fact of life. We will make what we hear fit or reinforce our...

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It’s About Your Teen: Choices!

“Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.” Guillaume Apollinaire (1880-1918)   As a professional speaker and advocate for Teen Dating Violence, I spend a lot of time in junior high and high schools. Teen Dating Violence is a weighty subject especially for teens and parents.  It can be made even more volatile when parents aren’t the model of a healthy relationship that their children need to see.  When I go out to speak to teens and tweens I invariably meet kids who are stunned at one or more aspects of healthy relationships.  They seem...

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It’s About Your Teen: Rihanna and Chris Brown (Ugly Rumors)

      I have heard an ugly rumor.  I hope it is a rumor.  If it isn’t, the ramifications for teens everywhere are damaging.   I have read off of several news sources that Rihanna is getting back together with Chris Brown.  If this sounds familiar but you can’t remember the details, let me refresh your memory. Rihanna and Chris Brown were dating back in February of 2009.  Right before an awards ceremony, Rihanna saw a text and other communication from another woman, to Chris Brown.  She got jealous and tried to storm away from him toward a car. ...

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It’s About YOUR Teen: What is Teen Dating Violence?

  Teen Dating Violence is much like Domestic Violence with a few differences. Teen Dating Violence requires an intimate partner dating relationship. Teen Dating Violence occurs when one of the partners in the dating relationship begins to control the other person. The “abuser” in the dating relationship will start to have jealousy issues, tell the other person what to wear, who to talk to, where to go, and what to do.  The abuser will keep tabs on the “victim” by searching social media, texting, and talking to friends.  The abuse will usually fall under the guise of jealous.  For example, the abuser...

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Real Domestic Violence on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

    I would like to take a moment to talk about the ongoing “plot line” of the RHOBH.  In this particular franchise, Taylor is being abused by her now late husband, Russell.  She apparently has told other members of the cast that there is abuse taking place.  On one episode, the women confront Taylor-unexpectedly, at a tea party at one of the other cast members, Lisa’s home. It became clear that at one time or another, each of the other cast members have heard from Taylor, herself speaking about the domestic violence that she is experiencing.  The violence...

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