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Q&A My Neighbors are Fighting, What Should I Do?

“Sandy” asks a question that comes up often: “I often hear yelling and sounds from my next door neighbor’s house.  Although we aren’t very close, we do chat, I’m concerned that she may need help.  How is it best to do that without bringing on more trouble?” This is a touchy situation and one that merits some consideration. All I can do is put myself in your shoes. I see there being two options. One is that you could casually talk to your neighbor if you see her (I assume this is a woman) and say something like, “How...

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How to Recognize an Abusive Friendship

    Abusive tendencies don’t just happen in intimate or romantic relationships.  They can happen in friendships also.  I would like to share a story with you.   Jill met Anna when Anna began dating a longtime friend of hers.  Anna and Jill soon became fast friends.  They did lots of things together and had tons in common.  Jill had lived in the same state as Anna, moved away, and came back.  Both of them said they were looking to hang out together more often, now that she was home.  Alas, once Anna was in the same state as Jill,...

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Q&A: What are the Signs My Teen is in Danger?

  A “Concerned Mother” asks: Q: What are some of the signs of a potentially harmful dating relationship? This is a long and complicated question to answer but I have compiled a list of bullet points that might indicate a possible problem in a dating relationship. Early Warning Signs that may eventually lead to dating violence: Overzealous jealousy-about who you talk to and what you do when you aren’t around them. Controlling behavior- tells you what to wear, say, act like, what to do. Quick romantic involvement-love at first sight, talk of forever, wants to see you exclusively from...

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Teen World vs. “Real” World vs. One World

  Teens and tweens inhabit a world that we used to live in. For some of us, living in the teen world was a recent experience.  For others, it has been decades. Even now, as adults, it is a place that we seldom visit and maybe don’t ever want to think about again. We have to remember that being a teen comes with its very own social conditions, some positive and some negative. As teens, most of us can remember thinking that our parents just didn’t understand us, didn’t get how it really was in high school, or what it took to survive those character-shaping years.  Some...

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