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Fifty Shades of Gray Roots

Fifty Shades of Gray Roots Hello…my name is Jane…I’m fifty-eight years old…and…I have…gray hair…I haven’t always been this way…in fact…it was about thirty years ago…that…I noticed the first silvery intruder in my light brown locks… I’d like to say that I am one of those women…who decided to age gracefully…to be exactly the way the good Lord made me…but that ain’t exactly so… I’m scrappy…I put up a fight… Now I know…I should never have plucked it…I’d always heard that they come back in multiples…but…it was so tempting…shining…all by itself in the midst of a sea of brown…I couldn’t...

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Why You Need KNU Anti Aging Michael Todd Cream

Why You Need KNU Anti Aging Michael Todd Cream for Firm Skin Which woman doesn’t dream of having firm, flawless and youthful looking skin? The one that already has such skin! If you’re lucky, you’re born with beautiful skin; if you’re not, you’ll have to do something or the other to look radiant. Laser skin tightening treatments, firming injections, and what not- you’ve heard about it all. These treatments cost a lot and require regular upkeep. Moreover, you never know if they actually do you any good. What Should I Do? With the KNU Anti Aging Michael Todd Face Lift cream, you’ll never have to worry about any negative effects on your health. Why? Because the cream is made from organic ingredients carefully chosen to give you the skin you’ve always longed to have. Forget about toning and moisturizing your skin every single day. Just an application of this cream is all you need. The cream does the rest for you. Why Is It So Good? With choice organic ingredients in its formulation, the cream is bound to work wonders. Here’s what it contains: EGF or epidermal growth factor is a natural ingredient that has potent skin regenerating properties. DMAE as a nutritional supplement as well as a topical treatment has been known to fight the signs of skin aging. It has anti-inflammatory properties and prevents the underlying muscles...

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Anti Aging Secrets – Exercise Tips

Anti Aging Secrets – Exercise Tips As we get older, we start to slow down a bit and our bodies don’t work as well as they did when we were young. Our face however is where the effects of aging are most noticeable. Wrinkles and sag show our age as the force of gravity and time take their toll. Many resort to the surgeon’s scalpel and plastic surgery as a way to turn back the clock. In this article, we are going give you tips on an alternatives to the face-lift and nip and tuck. Here are some tips in the form of 4 sets of anti-aging face exercises you can do that will perform a natural face lift and are completely natural and are much cheaper than going to see the doctor. Energize and reconnect with your face. Because of the way the human brain works, you actually forget about various parts of your body and lose contact with them, as you get older. These tips will help you reconnect and re-energize your face. Place your finger on top of your head and, while not moving the fingers, move your head to shift the scalp under them. Feel your scalp muscles move against the tension of your fingertips. Move your fingers down to your forehead. Reconnect and energize the muscles of your forehead by contracting them against the...

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Let My Puppies Go

Let My Puppies Go Most of us were at least in diapers in the 60’s when women in great numbers started to roar.  The night skies were alight with bonfires burning…what else—their bras? But not me.  I had waited way too long to sprout enough to need a bra—how could I give it up  without a fight?  So I kept my medieval torture chamber with straps, wearing it proudly as a badge of honor for that rite of passage. Motherhood brought on a whole new bra phase—the nursing bra became my constant companion.  Never leave home, go to bed or...

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Stepping Away From Yoga

Yoga is the brain eraser. You don’t come in to a session with yourself in order to leave with more. You step in to let go. The reason you are even seeking yoga is because you have too much weighing you down that is making you ill or has made you ill and you now need restoration. If you are holding on and trying to gain and attain more just like you do in other aspects of materialist life, you have not only been wasting your time and energy but you have also only been feeding your ego the whole time, and most unfortunately not been engaged in yoga at all. It’s not too late to start with proper and immediate results. The mind, not the brain, but the mind, which is where all of your thoughts exist that scheme, plot, plan, desire, lead to dishonest behavior and selfish habits just to show you what it means to be a typical weak human being among all other weak human beings, must be shut down, disconnected, and erased during each session with yourself. What happens when you do that? The body takes over, with its incredible intelligence, and healing and restoration take place. And now the point of it all. If you’re doing it wrong, doing it while leaving the mind on and plugged in, with no erasing but instead...

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