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You Won’t Believe this Guy’s Transformation

You won’t believe this guy’s transformation.  Never give up on yourself! Do you sometimes feel like quitting? Have people told you that you can’t do something, and you buy into their words? Well, don’t.  Never underestimate what you can accomplish when you believe in yourself. You may not be able to do it today. But someday you might.  Trust yourself and be inspired by this vet’s amazing transformation....

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FAT is Fat right?

BABY FAT?  Whaaaaaat the heck. Have you ever heard this? You GAIN (a lot of) weight when you’re PREGO and then it takes forever to lose it.  (unless it falls off you the second that kid comes out) You lose it BUT don’t get “credit” for it.  What the heck!!! I don’t know about YOU but when I lost that weight (all 3 times and I only had 1 kid) I wanted BELLS and WHISTLES,  APPLAUSE and CHEERS from everyone, so when someone said….OOH that was just “baby weight” you lost……I thought WHAT…excuuuuse me, FAT is FAT thank you...

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The Benefits of Working Out With Your Partner

Everybody knows that exercise is good for the body, and the more exercise you undertake, the better the results. Exercise is also good for relationships, and studies have shown that working out with your partner can increase libidos and self-confidence. When we exercise, our bodies release brain chemicals and hormones that enhance the way you feel about your partner, installing a stronger sense of confidence in your relationship. Couples who work out together benefit from increased stamina and also an increased ability to fight off colds and flu. Furthermore, healthy living also helps you live longer, and when you’re in a loving relationship, you want to do everything you can to keep your partner fit and free from illness. Couples also begin to feel more attractive when they work out together, and benefit from encouragement from one another. Finding the time in a busy work schedule to workout with your partner however could be a problem. Time Constraints Many couples complain that they want to exercise together, but they just don’t have enough time. In order to overcome this situation, couples must see exercising together as also spending time together. By doing this, couples will be able to reduce the amount of time they spend together outside of the gym, focusing their attention on getting fit and encouraging each other’s workout. Exercising with your partner doesn’t mean that you...

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Phabulously Phat in Philly – “Plus-Size” Labels

Dear Phyllis: Since most women in this country are “normal”-sized and plus-size, why can’t we drop the term “plus-size” and make those skinny bitches “minus”-sized?  (I know you can’t use that term, but I had to say it. Haha) ~Marilyn T. Phyllis: Oh dahling, I am definitely not opposed to using that, along with many other terms.  Believe me, I have observed of late some discussion amongst the community of large and lovely ladies online on that very subject.  Here’s a link to a short article about Crystal Renn’s book in the fashion section of New York Magazine (click...

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“Childfree ZUMBA”

The pulsating percussion and laconic Latin rhythm of the music resonating on the basketball court caused passersby to pause and consider finding a place among the hundreds who reliably show up for ZUMBA class at the gym each week. Some, whose interest had been solicited, decided to accept the invitation to “Join the Party” and try a hip-shaking sixty minutes of moves both familiar and foreign. For me, the majority of the moves were indeed familiar as I am one of many who have to get my ZUMBA fix at least three times each week. For the lady who...

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