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Sheepshead Bay, Dior Cosmetics & Retiring To Costa Rica LIVE! The Colin Lively Show Fri., July 27th 2pm EDT

Sheepshead Bay Boulevard Continues…Dresden Buras of Dior Cosmetics… GeeGee Morgan on Americans Retiring To Costa Rica 2pm EDT Friday Live! I hope you’re prepared, Sheepshead Bay Boulevard is going to be extra crazy this week! That’s all Colin would reveal, and he said that’s all we need to know…for now. So don’t miss a minute!   Dresden Buras, famed Cleveland makeup artist currently for Dior Cosmetics, and most notably known for her make-up artistry for print ads, modeling and commercials, joins Colin as he broadcasts from Cleveland. I’m sure she’ll have some make-up tips for the everyday gal, and...

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Well, Smell You

In my business, Lively En Mode, I touch on every part of a client’s image. And much to one’s surprise, it’s the unseen and unspoken aspects of a business or a person that leaves the most important impression.But does one ever even give a moment’s thought to fragrance. In other words, what we smell like? I certainly don’t need to explain what one’s image would be if they actually stank. But what about smelling right and by right , smelling the way you should for where you are or where you want to be in life. Fragrance that is...

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Coat-Dressing For Spring

Finding your ideal coat for spring can be difficult. The days are becoming brighter and warmer and you want something to reflect your springtime wardrobe, whilst being prepared for chilly nights and the inevitable downpour.   Consider your usual clothing style and how much money you are prepared to spend. Are you usually in relaxed casuals or pretty feminine outfits, or do you dress more formally? Do you want a selection of coats or jackets, or do you need one that suits every occasion?   Trends for 2012   This season’s trends are for bright bold colours, particularly orange and blues, as well as soft feminine pastel shades. Fun geometric prints and pretty florals are also popular. Many classic styles of jacket have been reworked and updated for this season. The classic mid length trench coat is available in bright shades of red, blue and orange ,as well as coral and beige. Wear it loose and unstructured or give it some shape with a belt.   The current trend for colour blocking is easy to wear with a bright blazer style jacket. For a striking look, wear one with bold patterns such as stripes or polka dots.   The classic mac has been updated for spring in a duffel coat style waterproof in bright yellow shades. Perfectly practical for spring showers in stylish colours, this is an ideal casual...

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Geraldine Visco on this week’s show.

Saturday night, New York City will be celebrating Geraldine Winifred Visco’s Birthday Party. It’s one of the hot social events of the season. And on this week’s show, Gerry is stopping by The Colin Lively Show with a special performance. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my best friends, and NYC’s favorite party girl. About Gerry Visco Join the Gerry Party! Gerry Visco is fabulous. She’s living the fun life in the fast lane illegally blonde and at large on the Upper East Side of New York City after years of causing trouble on the Upper West Side. She toils...

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Top Ten Best Professional Hairdryers of 2012

Top Ten Best Professional Hairdryers of 2012 It may seem that one hairdryer is as good as the next, but for exceptional salon results it pays to invest in a quality product that not only dries and styles the hair but protects it at the same time. What to consider The heating element is an important consideration as most cheap hairdryers use plastic rather than ceramic inclusion, which can be devastating on the hair. Ceramic heats more evenly and safely and to more appropriate temperatures. On a scientific note many cheap hairdryers also work by diffusing positive ions through metal or plastic elements, which can cause damage. Meanwhile professional options work on an ionic basis, producing negative ions which help the hair cuticle lay flat, thus reducing frizziness. With professional hair dryers designed for constant use they tend to weigh less and be lighter than standard hairdryers. This makes them more comfortable to use and easier to manoeuvre, which in turn reduces strain. When choosing a good-quality hair dryer opt for one with multiple speed settings, including a cool option. This is essential for finishing hair. For greater flexibility and the ability to create varied styles, look for a selection of attachments, including a diffuser. Provided below are some of the best options. • Remington Vortex Ultra This ultra-sleek hairdryer is modern and lightweight, featuring two speeds, three heat...

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Let’s all get naked. You go first.

It seems there are too many stories in the news lately about a lot of female celebrities who are lining up to get their pictures taken sans makeup. They want to prove to us mere mortals that they are just like us under all that makeup. But they are not. They have photographers who know a thing or two about making even a rotten tomato look desirable. So don’t try to pull the wool over our eyes. And that is what most of us would need to do if we got our pictures taken without makeup. I even heard...

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