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Trapped in Her Body, Autistic Girl Suddenly Speaks

Trapped in Her Body, Autistic Girl Suddenly Speaks Are you actually using your voice? If there is one thing that the internet has an abundance of, it is uplifting or inspiring videos. Every day I see one of my friends post a YouTube link on Facebook that falls into that category. Whether they are poems and music with moving phrases or clips of adorable kitty-cats, these videos are constantly being circulated. From time to time, however, I find one that literally changes me. Inspiration in the best sense of the word, this is the kind of video that makes...

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7 Ways to Keep Your Kids Away from Seasonal Allergies

7 Ways to Keep Your Kids Away from Seasonal Allergies For some kids change in season is not all about change in fashionable wardrobe or vacation—it signals the start of seasonal allergies. Kids can be even more vulnerable to allergy than adults. Immunity of kids is very week, resulting they are more prone to allergies. Following are the points that every parent or guardians should follow to fight back against the kids seasonal allergies: 1. See a doctor, if needed Photo Caption: Consult kids pediatrician if allergy is serious Sometimes kids’ seasonal allergies are mild and can be easily...

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Dancing with the Devil Who Lived Down the Street

 Dancing with the Devil Who Lived Down the Street This predator always liked to lead. I always wanted to be invisible after that first time it happened.  I wanted to watch you, but I didn’t want you to see what I was up to. I remember sitting in my parents’ living room, with my eyes shut down while my breathing became rather shallow. I didn’t want you to hear me either. I was always in my Sunday best – patent leather shoes with shiny buckles, poppy necklaces and frilly silly girly dresses that were held up by skinny little...

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Autistic Child Graduates as Salutatorian–How He Did It

When Eric Duquette from Smithfield, Rhode Island came into this world, his parents were told he had Autism and would probably end up in an institution. His parents thought otherwise.  He didn’t speak a word until he was five. Undeterred, every day his mom and dad focused on teaching him just ten words, sometimes for up to eight hours a day. They even taught him sign language as a supplement. In June 2010, Eric graduated high school as Salutatorian. In his memorable commencement speech (video below), he said he had been accepted into every institution of higher learning he...

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Keeping your Kids Fit, Healthy and Active!

There was a time when kids raced each other on their bikes, ran around, climbed trees and kicked a ball around. Nowadays they are more likely to be using a joystick to control a football game character than actually get up and play the game for real. There is much debate about the reasons for this, but whilst blame is apportioned to parents, schools or even society as a whole, it doesn’t stop kids getting less and less exercise.   Kids Learn by Example   Whilst it is certainly untrue to say that parents are completely responsible for the sedentary lifestyles of their children – often financial constraints equal long working hours for one or both parents – there is plenty you can do as a parent to help your kids get active.   If children see you being active, they will often want to join in. You can kill two birds with one stone by setting aside some time for family physical activity, giving you quality time with each other and better fitness too. It can even help if you are having trouble seeing eye to eye with a teen. A 30 minute bike ride can take you both out of the house and maybe give you an opportunity to talk about something other than how much you are annoying each other.   It goes without saying that...

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Dating Mommies and Daddies When You Have No Children

Dating Mechanic, In the past I have always had a firm rule of not dating men with baby mammas because it carries way too much drama that I just don’t want to deal with but recently I began dating a man who has a six year old. I’m having second thoughts about creating a relationship with him. The mom seems to be fine with the fact that I am dating her ex and wants us to “be friends”. She’s never asked me out for coffee or anything but it makes me feel uncomfortable to think of her in that...

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