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Brown Spots & Uneven Skin Tone

Have you looked into the mirror lately, only to discover more brown spots that at one time looked more like freckles?  They seem to be spreading; perhaps there are more on the left side of your face and neck. Ever wonder about that?  It is from the sun shining through your windows on the driver’s side of your car.  Yes, even when you are driving you need to use a physical-block sunscreen, not just a mineral makeup that contains sunscreen nor just a foundation containing sunscreen. The amount of protecting ingredients in these products is minimal, and they are...

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Rejuvenating Your Eye Hollows

I was at the bank today, and my banker noticed the name of my business, which of course always starts a discussion on skincare tips. She asked me about the dark hollow area under her eyes which she said have been there since her 20s and are increasingly bothersome. This led to a discussion on rejuvenating your eye hollows with fillers. Here’s the scoop: Filling your eye hollows with facial fillers such as Restylane® is tricky and must be preformed by a qualified dermatologist, aesthetic RN or plastic surgeon.  It is an art, and not all aesthetic medical physicians or surgeons...

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