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Plus Size Model – Do You Think She’s Lovely?

Plus Size Model – Do You Think She’s Lovely? Using the photo below, I ran a post on my fb page about the plus-size model industry, and I received an overwhelmingly positive response. She is a beautiful woman. (Featured image and photo below: Plus-size model Katya Zharkova. Photo credit: Victoria Janashvili/Plus Model Magazine, When I saw this picture I was immediately struck by how familiar she looked. Not that I’d ever seen this particular woman before – but her body, with all of its so-called imperfections, the extra flesh on her bottom, the curve of her stomach and the...

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To Forgive and Not to Forget that is the Question

To Forgive and not to Forget that is the Question A plethora of souls have come to me to connect to their loved ones from the other side. Those who have crossed over and those who are in the physical repetitively ask me, “will they forgive me” of course not all souls, but several of them during my readings. What I am going to share with you is that here in the physical people ask for forgiveness and that is a reasonable request. Some revert in the opposite direction feeling that they choose not to forgive. I just will...

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Breaking the Mold of Motherhood

Breaking the Mold of Motherhood I can still see the look of shock on an acquaintance’s face when they discovered I was a mother.  “Where is your son?” they asked me, quizzically… seeming completely confused by the fact that no toys lined my kitchen floor. “He lives with his Dad in Canada” I responded… waiting to see if they would repeat the common look of surprise and discomfort that accompanies this reply. Sure enough, there it was.  Confusion. Mind Boggled.  Not quite sure what to say. Now I’ve been through this many times and it has become one of...

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11 Days of Christmas: The Gifts of Giving and Receiving

11 Days of Christmas: The Gifts of Giving and Receiving Like many of you, I was taught that it’s better to give than to receive. But what does that saying really mean, and why is it that giving is better than receiving? This concept seems unfair and a bit ironic. After all, the act of giving requires two energies, two actions: one to give, and one to receive. It’s literally a give and take, a yin and yang. Among my efforts to learn to be more kind to myself, I have been contemplating my attitudes regarding the act of giving...

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Say YES To YOU-Allow Yourself Special Online Chat Minutes

Allow Yourself Special Online Chat Minutes I’ve mentioned that answering emails in the morning has been found to take up precious needed time from who tend to nurture others before nurturing themselves. That said, there are moments online that can really add to your life. We didn’t have any knowledge of cyberspace when I was growing up. We didn’t even have phones with answering machines. You had to be home when the call came in to know a call came in.  Allow yourself chat minutes! How blessed we are now to be able to communicate with people we know...

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You Can CHOOSE To Be HAPPY ANY TIME! This is very similar to last month’s post about accentuating the positive (Johnny Mercer)- it just goes even further because, I’ve made progress in this area. When I mention seeing “good” in my life right now, I realize I’ve made up what “good” is. Now I’m working on defining what happy is not based on what I’ve been taught. My eyes are opening to the truth that Happy just is. I (you) can be happy anywhere at any time. It’s my (your) choice. To make the record clear: I have no...

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