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Those Damn Electronic Mind Sucking Devices

Get Off Those Damn Electronic Mind-sucking Devices…and Talk to Me And this time I really mean it.  I have come to the conclusion that the more you have your body, mind and soul  in your iPhones, tablets, ipads, laptops or anything else that starts with a small “I” (so cute) , the more I feel I have little to no importance in your world. And I am not having that anymore. When I show up, I do it for one reason and that is to spend time with your sorry butt. I think you are important enough to cut...

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Lynn A. Robinson’s Divine Intuition blog tour rolls on!

Divine Intuition blog tour rolls on! Tomorrow Lynn talks to Jane Pollak. (  Robin Rousseau’s Explore Beyond the Usual blog hosted yesterday’s post. ( For more information about the whole tour, visit Lynn A. Robinson’s Gut Truster’s Blog. ( Q&A for Lynn A. Robinson Divine Intuition Blog Tour          elizabeth: I’m so excited to be part of the blog tour for the 10th anniversary issue of your book, “Divine Intuition: Your Inner Guide to Purpose, Peace and Prosperity.” I understand you revised and updated the original version. Tell us what’s new in this one. Lynn: Divine Intuition is about...

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Hello God. Is it you or is it us?

Hello God. Is it you or is it us? As a writer, I was finding no words to really describe how I am feeling about the massacre of 27 innocent people at the Sandy Hook school in Newtown CT last Friday. I just knew that I was devastated again because maybe the one true peacemaker might have been among those sweet six and seven year old babies who were slaughtered. I always go there when there is a mass murder. Did we just kill someone who could have brought peace to our world?  I started to think that way...

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What I learned During a Power Outage

What I learned during a recent power outage – 13 days I was one of the lucky people who lost their power during Super Storm Sandy and a charming nor’easter that came into town during the last week of October. We did have Halloween and parents thanked me for the great Halloween effects we had on the front lawn – two downed trees and the light post. I do what I can to make kids smile as I give them enough sugary treats to keep them up for three days. So while making my way through the war zone...

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The Girl, the Gold Tooth & Everything:a new novel by Francine LaSala. The interview.

This latest novel by Francine LaSala (Rita Hayworth’s Shoes) is a page turner and head spinner. I started reading The Girl, the Gold Tooth & Everything and foolishly thought I could figure out the journey that Mina Clark was on. Not so fast. As Bette Davis proclaimed in All about Eve, “Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy night.” Q. So, Ms. Wordsmith, you have just published your second novel, The Girl, the Gold Tooth & Everything. How does it feel? All of us novelist wannabes would like to know what to expect when we finally...

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Running Away From Home is Not Just for Kids Anymore

Running Away from Home is Not Just for Kids Anymore And I did just that. I had been noticing that life was kicking me around and it felt like whoever was in charge was pushing my head under the water on an hourly basis.  And I was getting real bored with feeling like one more push would propel me in to becoming some raging lunatic.  And I know, I know that some of you already know me as the adorable mad woman. So I ran away. To Cape Cod. For a week to stay with my friend, Esme, who...

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