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To Forgive and Not to Forget that is the Question

To Forgive and not to Forget that is the Question A plethora of souls have come to me to connect to their loved ones from the other side. Those who have crossed over and those who are in the physical repetitively ask me, “will they forgive me” of course not all souls, but several of them during my readings. What I am going to share with you is that here in the physical people ask for forgiveness and that is a reasonable request. Some revert in the opposite direction feeling that they choose not to forgive. I just will...

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Do you use your Intuition or Trust?

Do you use your Intuition or Trust? There is a difference between trust and intuition. Intuition is a feeling that exists as a subconscious feeling, which is the subconscious allowing 80% of the brain to have inner knowledge.  The brain triggers that what you feel makes sense and provides clarity.  It allows the ability to feel either a positive or a negative feeling. Similar to a pendulum, it will provide you with a yes or a no.  Trust is where you can put your feelings and your heart and soul into the hands of another person and know that...

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Don’t Walk in My Shoes

Don’t Walk in My Shoes When a person goes ahead and finds something wrong with your thinking and chooses to judge you, do you feel as though they have not been in your position and look down at you?  They are overstepping their bounds.  Don’t walk in my shoes. It is selfish and oblivious for those to judge others when they haven’t been in their situation, perhaps a similar one at that, but not in your situation. Each situation is different. We can think about their lack of knowledge and their being self-absorbed with their own experience and assuming...

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Do Spirits Connect with Souls in the Physical?

Do Spirits Connect with Souls in the Physical? Spirits most definitely do connect with their loved ones. In native traditions, people view souls by crossing their eyes and by watching the soul release from the cord.  Spirits that cross over to the other veil, as we call home, need to connect with their loved ones especially during the first year. They can do this through movement of objects, working with electrical components, pennies and dimes on the floor, and even words that grasp our attention.  Some spirits are clever enough to have specific smells that are clearly able to...

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Never Try Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes!

Never Try Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes! Never try walking in someone else’s shoes. Huge mistake. You don’t know how they will fit. Try and learn compassion even if there are dark clouds overhead. Try and believe what you believe, but have an open mind allowing yourself to learn . Think outside of the box. Do NOT be complacent because you never know what the future holds for you. Learn that not all people have kindness and these are the ones we need to release, send away with kindness and wish them lessons for growth and harmony. Those who...

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Can We Speak With Animals When They Cross Over?

Can We Speak With Animals When They Cross Over? Do you think we are able to communicate with our pets when they leave our physical plane? Stop for a moment and think. We are able to communicate with people. People and animals that have crossed over give images that connect to the medium and then to the client. Animals have feelings and their vibrations and are tuned into us, perhaps even stronger than a human being. Do you think you can only communicate if you can speak a language? Mr. Ed spoke. He was the talking horse who spoke...

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