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A Wise Teacher once said, it’s a students questions they address not their answers they reply.

A wise teacher once said, “We know our students not by their answers but by the questions they ask.” When we were young and in high school, many of us pondered about where we should go to college and should the school I choose be close to home or far away, have a small student body or a large student body. The question poses itself as, “How am I going to get to where I am to where I want to be?” The world during the high school years seemed rather daunting. I ended up endlessly pondering about where...

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Spirits Connect with Us in More Ways Than you Can Imagine

Spirits Connect with Us in More Ways Than you Can Imagine It was only until I began having validations that I was able to determine that spirits connect with us. They make it known that they are there. They work through electrical components, turning them on and off, televisions that turn on without a remote control in the vicinity, finding dimes and pennies and locating significant songs for us listen to on the radio while driving. When my grandmother’s apartment was cleared out in Manhattan shortly after she crossed over, My family closed the door for the final time...

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Judge a Book by its Cover! It’s Out! “No Coincidences”

No Coincidences has been launched! Between elizabeth cassidy’s artistic talent on the front cover and Nancy Meryl’s experiences, validations, chapters about Psychic Mediums, Ena Twigg from England and Glenn Dove, Sloan Kettering and Edgar Cayce have made people connect and relate with their own personal experiences and thoughts. Psychic Medium Nancy Meryl is not out to make you change your ideas or beliefs but to experience actual happenings that have transpired to enable you to think outside of the box. Her readings have been validated and documented and studies have been proven that while in a trance Nancy is able to speak a variety of languages to her clients. No Coincidences can be purchased at, Amazon International or In addition, November will be the launching month special! While phone readings and individual readings are at the price of $150 , all phone readings will be given for a price that is comfortable for you. Everyone should be able to connect with their loved ones not based on price. Readings will be taken on first come, first serve basis. Please give me two dates and times, either EST or PST or International time and I will set up an appointment with you. Please contact for a reading and purchase the book and...

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Let’s Judge a Book By Its Cover!!

Nancy Meryl just launched her book entitled, “No Coincidences” While the book has taken a leap for the positive, people are amazed by elizabeth Cassidy’s beautiful artwork that has drawn them to the meat and potatoes. When you walk into the kitchen, the smell of the cooking makes you hungry and in this case elizabeth cassidy has made Nancy’s book go wild with enthusiasm. Nancy’s ability to capture her life experiences has touched several people in a positive context. She is not encouraging people to believe but encouraging them to listen, think and perceive their thinking outside of the...

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What If?

The skies were blue but you saw it differently? If this was your final week and you could do anything, what would it be? If you could be anything, what would it be? If you could bring the clock back at least ten years, would you change anything and if so what would it be? If you have one wish to wish for, what would that wish be? What if you had one last sentence to say to someone you loved, how would you express your words? If you could place all ingredients filled with kindness, hope and health and add the toppings with wealth, how would you measure your ingredients? If you were given a deck of cards, what if you selected one card, what would your card tell you? What if you viewed a video in your mind of how you were twenty years ago, would you be the same person who you are now? Would you be the same person with more wisdom or with the same? If you could start your tasks in this life all over again, how would you revise all? Beyond the trees and the fancy smell of the lilacs and Heather, could you stop the world in their relentless attacks? If so, how? If you could lead the world for just one day, how would you do it and what would...

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