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What Did The One-Liners Mean? The Joyous Conclusion

The August 1st Switch was great for me. I loved contemplating the phrases I heard about ages. Oddly enough – or should I say, “As usually happens” I didn’t get what I’d expected. I’ve listed the rest of the one-liners I’d originally planned to send you one at a time at the bottom of this post in place of the fashion and entertainment tip. Those return with my next post. I’m sure you quickly figured out that I was pointing out that all ages have their joys and challenges, but of late it’s older people that get the gaff about their age. I’ve spoken about some of the things that have bugged me in this area and I will take a stand (or a computer) to stop them. I refer to hardly being able to find a kind birthday card for someone over 50 and trillions of articles talking about having to look younger. Looking well and gorgeous is great by me, but why younger? I still like the looks of all ages, however I find I’m now more attracted to the looks of male contemporaries than the younger fellows. What did I get from contemplating the phrases re age? I was truly listening to more live conversations – on the bus, at meetings, etc. – than reading writings about what people were saying about a group to each...

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Non-Invasive Hip Replacement Surgery

Non-Invasive Hip Replacement Surgery All my life I’ve been super active (dancer/movement therapist/healer), and by the time I was in my 70s, my left leg was in such severe pain, I surrendered and had X-rays taken. They revealed I had worn out all the cartilage in my hip, and joint replacement surgery was my only option. As an indication of how repulsed I was at the thought of receiving an artificial body part, my first reaction was, “I’d rather be dead!” Well, since death wasn’t an option, I met with one of the top surgeons in NYC, and my...

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