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The Cycles of Friendship – “Thanks for Stopping By”

The Cycles of Friendship – “Thanks for Stopping By…” Over the last 4 years I have experienced some of the biggest, bad ass and yet most bountiful shifts in my life. I left a marriage… and found my self. I lost close friends…. and opened to new family. I dumped definitions…. and fell in love with my no labels no veils sublimely naked spirit. And in the end I came home… to me. Through this experience of floating in a sea of change (learning to not attempt to swim upstream against the current of the cosmos), one of the...

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Breaking the Mold of Motherhood

Breaking the Mold of Motherhood I can still see the look of shock on an acquaintance’s face when they discovered I was a mother.  “Where is your son?” they asked me, quizzically… seeming completely confused by the fact that no toys lined my kitchen floor. “He lives with his Dad in Canada” I responded… waiting to see if they would repeat the common look of surprise and discomfort that accompanies this reply. Sure enough, there it was.  Confusion. Mind Boggled.  Not quite sure what to say. Now I’ve been through this many times and it has become one of...

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The Soul’s Song; An Exercise To Reveal Yours

Good Morning Dazzling Divas! I just emerged from the land of dreams and the sun is just starting to rise here in the land of New Mexico. While my body is still protesting loudly through full wide armed yawns, my Inner She, Human Mind and Energetic Heart are all pumping to go, doing a bit of grooving to a song singing within my system. It’s the sounds of my Soul beating a rhythm which I know well… my energetic body humming the melody… ahhhh it’s my Spirit Song. Have you ever explored what your song sounds like? Sound is...

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A Child’s Body, A Woman’s Strength & An Elder’s Wisdom

The environment – something we all know we must face. We must all join together to heal and help thrive. That our future generations are relying on us to take action… But no matter we’re told, shown, or lectured in, it is often something we forget. I’m hoping that is until today. I came across a video I want to share; now don’t cringe, it’s not a man in lab coat going over the latest decline with graphs and chart, instead it is the voice of Severn Suzuki a young woman sharing her thoughtful reality around what is happening...

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Antonio & the Governer; Taking a Stance

Taking an authentic stand for what you believe has always been something I admire in others. Courageous, bold and bright, these people who cry out “enough” are the ones that make my internal being and external human self smile with pride whether it is someone close to me or simply read about in the news, regardless if that opinion is heard by the masses of our society or ignored, or if it is on a topic rated low in the minds of others or sits in the forefront of our psyche. Recently my Hair Stylist, Antonio Darden was one...

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Does Education Kill Creativity?

Is education designed to limit our growth and control the ability to expand the minds of our youth? This is something I personally felt during my years in the institution of elementary to higher learning… yet it wasn’t until Sir Ken Robinson’s fantastic Ted Talk that I truly realized the archaic nature of our education systems and its true effects. In my personal experience and view our academic programs are so insidiously designed to not inspire “out of the box thinking” but to instead “train the mind” to think in very specific and limited ways.  Schooling systems program minds,...

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