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Bigotry At Half-Staff

Bigotry At Half-Staff It’s been 4 days since 9 Americans were murdered in a South Carolina AME church, but not just any church. Those Americans were murdered in the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston and that church carries strong historical significance. “Mother Emanuel” is the oldest AME church in the Southern US and houses the oldest black congregation south of Baltimore. That church was built at a time in our history when African Americans found themselves under increasing discrimination in the white Methodist church and the breaking point was when a stable for the hearse was built...

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A Guide on Instilling Spirituality in Children

  A Guide on Instilling Spirituality in Children Spirituality is the deep connection we feel with something bigger than ourselves. It is the realization that we are part of a bigger picture and form a small slice of a more meaningful whole. Many look upon spirituality as a constant search for self-awareness and for a better understanding of our feelings and emotions. Spirituality also is a yearning to find ways to liberate ourselves from negative and harmful emotions, and to have better and more harmonized relationships. But when we are, in many ways, unsure of our own spirituality, how...

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Find a Missing Pet – Can an Animal Communicator Help?

Find a Missing Pet – Can an Animal Communicator Help? Miracles do happen. My friend Keddy Outlaw’s cat named Abigail went missing from her home in Houston, TX seven weeks ago. Many of us have shared Keddy’s worry. If you’ve ever had a pet disappear who’s a member of the family (I have), you know the anxiety and sickness you feel not knowing what’s happened to your baby. Abigail was micro-chipped and wore a collar with ID tag, and Keddy did everything she could to track down Abbie with posters, calls to neighbors, ads on line, walks around the...

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Do Spirits Connect with Souls in the Physical?

Do Spirits Connect with Souls in the Physical? Spirits most definitely do connect with their loved ones. In native traditions, people view souls by crossing their eyes and by watching the soul release from the cord.  Spirits that cross over to the other veil, as we call home, need to connect with their loved ones especially during the first year. They can do this through movement of objects, working with electrical components, pennies and dimes on the floor, and even words that grasp our attention.  Some spirits are clever enough to have specific smells that are clearly able to...

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God Had a Busy Weekend!

God Had a Busy Weekend! This weekend found us surrounded by friends and family, laughing,talking and planning where to go for the next vacation etc. Had planed Outer Banks this year but now thinking maybe White Lake since we will have a toddler who most definitely will run instead of walking so the lake may be a little more toddler friendly. Who really knows? On Friday I heard that an old friend had passed away, he had cancer and had fought the good fight and now he is at peace, his worries are over, his best hunting and fishing...

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Them People

Them People By Carole Harris Barton I saw her on the street when I entered the coffee shop. Waiting for my drink, I silently hoped the homeless woman would be gone when I left. She wasn’t. She’s going to hit me up for a handout, I just know it. “Hey, lady,” said the pale sixtyish woman, her thin face deeply furrowed. “Which way you goin’? I need a lift downtown.” “Sorry,” I replied, hoping my relief wasn’t obvious. “I’m not going that way.” “But you could, couldn’t you?” Her eyes were clear and steady. The truth in her question...

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