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Creative Writing Contest: Submissions are In!

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Did you post or do you know someone who did submit to our first-ever Devin Alexander Creative Writing Contest?

Holy Toledo! We have some talented people in Here Women Talk!  The submissions are up and open for voting until midnight April 14. Vote for your favorites (click on the heart () on the green line, directly beneath the titles).

We received 50 eligible submissions

The submission with the highest number of votes in each of the three categories will receive an honorable mention and the author’s bio featured on the Here Women Talk homepage.  Voting will then reopen from April 15 – April 21 between the three honorable mention pieces; the work with the highest number of votes wins the $100 Grand Prize (generously donated by HWT-member Devin Alexander).

Thanks, everybody, for your participation. Huge gratitude also to Devin Alexander for her $100 gift, to HWT-member Chris Lawrence for planting the idea to run this contest, and major kudos to our incredible Coastal Carolina University (“CCU”) interns who devoted countless hours and enthusiasm to make this contest a reality. How did we get so lucky?  We’ve had an outpouring of support for this project, and we’ll surely do it again.

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5 Responses to this article

Marita Rahlenbeck April 11, 2012 Reply

Can you help me understand the difference between the “likes” and “votes”

I currently have 18 likes and 9 votes?

kay April 11, 2012 Reply

Sure. The voting is done with the heart at the top of the page; the system only allows one vote per I.P. address. The facebook likes are where people have liked and shared your piece on facebook. Unfortunately, people may think they’re voting by clicking on the facebook “like” button when they’re not. I hope you’re able to alert everyone to vote with the heart ♥ at the top of the page, immediately beneath the title of your work. Thanks for your interest and for submitting.

Nancy April 9, 2012 Reply

Hi Devin,
If you can replace my website to that would be terrific!
Thank you Devin,

Devin April 9, 2012 Reply

Hi Nancy,
You automatically corrected it in this response when you added “beyond.” The general public cannot change anything you’ve typed. I believe only the site administrators can change or delete html (Hyper Text Markup Language) or urls (uniform resource locators). All is good with what you’ve typed here. When you click on your name, it goes straight to your website,

Nancy April 8, 2012 Reply


I submitted “Karma is a Bitch” love it!!!

Nancy :)

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