Do Spirits Connect with Souls in the Physical?

Do Spirits Connect with Souls in the Physical?

Spirits most definitely do connect with their loved ones.

In native traditions, people view souls by crossing their eyes and by watching the soul release from the cord.

Spirits that cross over to the other veil, as we call home, need to connect with their loved ones especially during the first year. They can do this through movement of objects, working with electrical components, pennies and dimes on the floor, and even words that grasp our attention. Some spirits are clever enough to have specific smells that are clearly able to be identified by their loved one who was left behind.

During the first year, spirits are extremely active and are adjusting to their new environment. It is important enough for those souls to connect with their loved ones to share that they are present and are safe and comfortable. During a reading, I feel it is important to convey to my client that not only is their loved one doing well, but also it is important for me to define specific validations and names, dates and be able to document what I hear and then convey to the sitter. Fortunately, I do not have recall when I come out of a trance.

Music is a huge component that comes through. Numbers are exact and dates are amazing. Spirits definitely connect with those who remain in the physical. Some people are more in tune with what they hear and see. The five senses are important to the physical but the ability for souls to move material items are incredible. Televisions can go on by themselves when the remote is in another room. Songs come on the radio that have meaning. There are not any coincidences. Radios turn on by themselves. Lights go out and sometimes they go on by themselves. Doorbells have been known to ring on their own and candles that do not drip can even drip.

Pennies and dimes have important significance. Some spirits are not happy to have crossed and thus we look at these spirits as lost souls who need assistance to move onward. They tend to stick around us and aggravate us. I was once in a friend’s home when I entered a room, I opened the closet door, and I was physically pushed out of the room. My friend asked me, “Did you feel what transpired– becasue my entire family refuses to enter this room.”

“Yes,” I said and asked, “Do we call in “Ghost Busters?”

If we need to clear the energy and remove that unhappy spirit that is stuck, we can help them move on.  There are those people who deal specifically with assisting the spirits to move to the light. Sometimes it is difficult for spirits due to numerous reasons. One could be suicide and regret. Another could be they feel their  home has been taken over by another family.  These spirits need TLC and the direction from a specialist to remove their negative energy and clear the space.

Many times when a person is in the hospital and ready to cross over, they try to link onto one specific person in the physical body that is open for acceptance. It is essential for one to be closed and to assure safety through guides and sage.

Bradford College in Haverhill, Massachusetts, where I spent my first year in school, was haunted. One night a group of friends came to visit and the lights went out in my room. The light fixture began to shake. About eight of us curled up onto a twin bed with the blankets over our heads. The girl across the hall tried to use her phone, and to her disbelief, it was disconnected.  She ran to open the door when the lights turned out. She reached for the doorknob, but the knob fell off as she turned. Screams were heard all over “Red Carpet,” the floor we lived on in Academy Hall. Years later, the school was written up in the newspaper as “the haunted college that was closed.” Apparently, many years prior there was a suicide above my room and an incident when Shirley Temple went to the school while it was an all-girls school. Having gone to the school as a co-ed school, I felt nervous crossing over “The Tupelo Bridge” as did most of my friends. After I transferred to a university in New York, closer to home, I asked my mother why she sent me to a haunted college. She knew I was half joking, but when the article was written about ghosts in Haverhill’s Bradford College, we realized there were spirits who were uncomfortable with the presence of people in their territory.

Spirits do connect with their loved ones. They are most active during the first year during their transition, and ghosts continue to share their presence round the clock until they are released with an expert in the “Ghost Buster” field. Our loved ones want to be there and continue to share the love they have for us and validate specifics. Their personalities remain the same. Spirits most definitely connect with those in the physical and many times they connect as soon as they cross over to the other veil.


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Originally published on January 3, 2012


  1. Hello Nancy, I am amit from India. I lost my mom 20 days back. I was 24 x7 with her for 10 days till the day she left. She had cancer and I took the decision for a surgery for her so she could come out of it but she left me forever during surgery. I don’t know what the doctor did. He was very positive before surgery and he convinced me and my mom for it. Now I am not being able to come out of this guilt that she left because of my decision. I am waiting for her to come in my dreams to tell me how she is and will she ever forgive me and if she is with me always. Please help.

  2. Hi Nancy,My name is Riya and I m from india. Im 26 and work in a callcenter. I read your blog and thought of emailing you my issue. My fiancecommitted suicide on January 24th 2014. We were in a live-in relationshipand were plannin to get married. We were in a relation from past 5 years.Ever since he passed away I could not concentrate on anything and life hasbecome very difficult for me. I want to know if he z at peace, if he izhappy.. Can he see me or not.. I did see him in my dreams but mostly I dontremember dem. I once saw him very restless. Is there some way I cancommunicate to him? Or is there any book or article that can help me. Iwant to communicate to him once.. want to knw wer heviz n if hezz fyn.. rwe gonna meet sumtym in future in any form.. His name is Vivek Yadav. Born on 15th june 1985 at 11.40am. He committed suicide on 24th January 2014around 11am to 1pm (as per reports).Mam plz help. I would b really really thnkful to you if you could show me some way out.

    • Hi Riya,

      I have d same request for Nancy.
      Need to talk to you.. Can u pls communicate offline.
      Through my mail ID:

      • Nancy Meryl

        Most definitely I will write you from NMeryl Hang in there.

    • Nancy Meryl

      To begin, I am so so sorry for your loss. Please understand that things happen for a reason. He is fine but, it was planned before his incarnation to do this in order to learn and you were chosen for his plans. Please do not blame yourself for anything. You are not at fault. Again, you have traveled together in a previous life and I believe that again you will connect but not for a long time. Please know that this has transpired with many other people who have been in a similar situation and the loss is very hard. It is not your fault at all. Try to be gentle on yourself. I hope that this has given you some comfort and continue to wear the ring he has given you. GOD BLESS!

    • Nancy Meryl

      My dear Riya:
      Things happen for a reason. Your fiancé is fine. He was not thinking rationally when he took his life and it isn’t your fault in the least. Please please know that he would like to connect with you. I do phone readings and if you are interested. I would love to bring him through so you will have complete clarity. He is ok but has a lot of work to do on the other side to better his soul. Just know you are loved and it isn’t you.

  3. I have often shared homes with those who have left bodily but remained between. I wrote this for the contest, then realized it was to late to submit but it seemed appropriate for here.

    Ne’er One But Many

    I am come you say to me
    though no longer now of flesh but in the spirit
    asking of your strength your love that carried us
    break this bond that binds me here in between
    defeat we, the demons that cast remembrance
    an illusion, hindrance to beyond the veil that awaits
    stronger you were than I yet as two we became many
    I must go and you must release me of this cord that holds
    I cannot I answer to you
    journey alone in flesh without you no longer near
    to touch to feel to hear your strength to carry me
    I shan’t bear to be just one not two in this earthly plane
    united once, life revered, two undaunted faithful
    knowing beside in quandary you would prevail
    thick the veil between us grows my transition distant elusive
    left forlorn this realm to walk unbound by wanted cord
    I need you you say to me
    Without I remain between wandering awaiting
    fear of loss you to overcome, sophia beckons understanding
    Knowing many ne’er one
    I shall I reply to you
    strength abounds demons defeating victorious
    bindings severed, veil traversed, time fleeting til rejoined
    Knowing ne’er one but many

    • Nancy Meryl

      This was beautiful! I am so so glad that you have shared this poem. It tells much about your inner feelings and expresses the other veil.
      Beautiful and sensitive,

  4. Devin Alexander

    This is so true! Just yesterday morning, I had two occurences in which items in my house turned on by themselves while preparing for the evening’s activities. I know exactly who was visiting too! :)

    • Kay Van Hoesen

      Wow, Devin. Did that scare you?

      • Devin Alexander

        The first incident did rattled me a little. I thought to myself, “Did that really just happen?” An hour later it happened again. This time in a different room and at the exact time I was about to walk by the item. I immediately thought of having been told this can happen and, in light of the project I was working on, I knew it was happening and I immediately knew who was making his presence known.

        I think he was letting me know he knew I was thinking of him earlier or he was letting me know all would be well later in the evening. So I wasn’t scared really—just wondered what would happen next. It was a good “wow” moment.

      • Hi Kay,
        There isn’t anything to fear because they love us now and they love us when in the physical.” Have you ever felt your pet in your kitchen?” I am quoting this from the other side.

    • Devin,
      It is amazing how they connect with us. I am sure you felt his presence and he was glad you knew he was there. You do not need to question if it happened because you know the “wow” was real!!

  5. What a comforting thought to know our lost loved ones are still around us and trying to get our attention in such a wide variety of creative ways! Thanks for the great article, Nancy, and for helping people realize this amazing gift every day!

    • Thank you Bonnie!
      I am certain that you can feel activity from your grandmother while sitting near the fish tank. It feels as though she is walking in that room.
      I will always take this gift seriously.


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