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How Hypnosis Can Improve Your Life AND Your Bank Account

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Mike Oglesbee

Live on Wednesday, 11am EST, with Advanced Hypnotherapist Mike Oglesbee (or via Archives/PodcastsiTunes).

Have you ever seen a hypnotist on stage? I have, and I was astounded by what people would do and believe through hypnosis. It wasn’t a setup, either. These were ordinary audience members like me.

I was so impressed, I immediately purchased a book on self-hypnosis, hoping to overcome my fear of public speaking on stage (I didn’t).

You’ll definitely want to tune in Wednesday when we’re joined by Master Hypnotherapist Mike Oglesbee who not only helps people lose weight, quit smoking and overcome anxiety, but also tells how you can use hypnosis to  attract what you want. You see, Mike is also a Certified Advanced Expert in Law of Attraction.

Please join us live online at Call in and see if Mike can hypnotize you on the air. Who knows, maybe a little hypnosis is all you need to empower yourself to reach for the stars and achieve your goals and dreams.

The phone lines will be open. Chat-in or call-in.

Live: Wednesday, 11am-12pm EST

Listen online at (click Listen/Play  button, upper right corner)

Chat in.  Call-in 877-500-9387 or 843-839-9360

Replay: Wednesday, 7pm EST  ~and~  Thursday, 6am EST


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